Divorce what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

 In my faith, our boys and girls don’t grow saying about marriage,

” if it don’t work, I’ll get divorce and find someone better.”

 Rather, we believe families can be Eternal by being sealed for all time and all Eternity in the Lord’s house, The Holy Temple. Facing all matter of Earthly issues together including some of the causes for divorce such as, financial issues, lack of love, boredom and unfortunately, sometimes infidelity, we strive to endure in becoming our best self for each other.  … More Divorce what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


Modern Day Angels

When we hear the word “Angel” we are brought to idea or memory that an angel has big wings, a halo and the shape of a glowing human with a white robe. You might simply be drawn back to that annoying kid in fifth grade who knew all the math questions and kissed up to … More Modern Day Angels