Pathway Program

If you know anything about Mormons, you should  know we are not only strong believers of Christ, have a worldwide Church that is the only true Church on the face of our big blue and green earth, but Mormons are also highly educated with three renowned Universities, one college and dozens of many great programs … More Pathway Program

Color Blind

We are constantly hearing about the kind of world we live in. That is this or that, too much of one thing or too little of another. Well, I think that is a good thing that we are well-balanced on thing that are going on and where we should stand with the world’s opposing views. Really, … More Color Blind

Hello New Years, I want to be the best in your future.

Now that we have introduced a new year with lots of food, family time and many, many overplayed Christmas and holiday music, we can simply take the time to sit and ponder on 20-14 about the things we accomplished. That’s right, a whole year, what have your learned? What have you accomplished? I’m sure a … More Hello New Years, I want to be the best in your future.