The Audacity of Hope

When the Pilgrims landed in what would be come the United States, little did they know what their voyage would turn into. Fleeing from the bands of their country and seeking religious freedom, their hopes for a better future where vibrant and yet, unclear. Through the up and coming years, wars, contention and the movement … More The Audacity of Hope

“From a Baptist Preacher to a Mormon Teacher” Wain Myers

Several weeks ago I noticed that Cedar fork was Publishing Al Fox’s new book ” Not just the Tattoed Mormon Girl.” I contacted Cedar asking if I could be a part of her Blog Tour. Kelly Martinez asked a few questions and then gave me the great news that my blog, http://@mormonrabilia could participate on the tour. … More “From a Baptist Preacher to a Mormon Teacher” Wain Myers


Hello folks! I James Collins will be part of a blog tour on both Oct 21st and Nov 21st. Wain & Kelly I will be blogging on Wain Myer’s book “From and Baptist Preacher to a Mormon Teacher” on October 21st. I can’t wait for the day to share about Wain’s conversion and the way he … More BLOG TOUR