At Mormonrabilia, we like to focus on all things LDS. To be more specific we came up with what we thought embody all aspects of ‘all things LDS’.


LDS: Short for Latter-Day Saints. The word Saint  has many definitions  such as ‘sanctify’, ‘believer of Christ’ or my favorite, followers of Christ. Therefore in this header we will always have all things which follow the church. Whether is General Conference, Church News or drafts of any cool specific gospel topic, you, the reader, will find this here.


PEOPLE: This topic is pretty self-explanatory, focusing in the day-to-day lives of LDS members. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Saints means us, the body the church. We have so many unique and wonderful people in which we could spend a whole lifetime writing about them, their origin, conversion, stories, experience and testimonies.


STORIES: This header is awesome because unless you have lived under a rock since the creation, stories are told every day of our lives. Hanging out with friends, teaching with missionaries, going out for a nice lunch, doing family history, talking to a stranger, wakening up in the morning, dreaming, etc. All things develop a story and all stories teach us something. The Saviour of the world used  parables, a form of story-telling  which help us understand deeper and imperative doctrine much simpler. Stories rock! At Mormonrabilia we use both fiction and non-fiction stories with true gospel principles and/ or stories of other with a unique perspective.


LIFE: We do live in a world which is filled with movement and good positive excitement and adventure. Every day of our life we find ourselves living in that world, so at Mormonrabilia we do speak about many topics which are having an influence in society, whether good or bad and implement doctrine  so that we may learn proper ways to handle certain situations or simply provide a good old insight. The topics here will be more general and quite vast.


That’s all folks, now get reading!

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