Divorce what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

 In my faith, our boys and girls don’t grow saying about marriage,

” if it don’t work, I’ll get divorce and find someone better.”

 Rather, we believe families can be Eternal by being sealed for all time and all Eternity in the Lord’s house, The Holy Temple. Facing all matter of Earthly issues together including some of the causes for divorce such as, financial issues, lack of love, boredom and unfortunately, sometimes infidelity, we strive to endure in becoming our best self for each other.  … More Divorce what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


7 ways Satan whispers you towards sin

 Satan is using all the tricks of the trade from hell university and bringing only loaded guns with unfair size bullets that could destroy any marriage, relationship between a love one, a friends, and most target, a sealing between your sweet heart and our Savior.

More 7 ways Satan whispers you towards sin

The Promise

Mr. Aliva was a successful entrepreneur with vast business under his belt. However, his success at home was not one he bragged about. After much abuse and arguments on both sides, Mr. Aliva and his wife Tena, of 15 years, divorced. It was soon after his divorce that Mr. Aliva left his island of Trinidad … More The Promise