Okay, I did say this conference was going to make history, but I was not even close to what I though would happened. I’ll be honest, I had planned to write a few generic blogs and then edit in the big news or quote I wanted. It would have been an epic failed. I would not have been able to keep up.

So, what are the changes?

The first major change did not actually happened during these last two days, it actually happened when the Sisters sessions and Priesthood sessions were changed to 1 per year per conference.

The other happened when President Nelson got called as the new Prophet and the First Presidency was changed with Elder Oaks as the First Counselor and President to the Quorum of the Twelve and President Eyring as the Second Counselor. We have to note  that Elder Ballard the Acting President of the Quorum of the 12 since President Oaks became a counselor… Okay stay with me here.

Here is what happened these passed two days.

1. On Saturday Morning we learned and sustained our two new Apostles Elder Gong and Soares. Elder Soares became the first Apostles outside of the U.S and Europe. He is From South America, Sāo Paulo Brazil. I have had the pleasure in meeting him during a training. Power House!


2. We learned during Priesthood Session on Saturday the discontinuing of the High Priest Quorum and Elder’s Quorum to create one unison Elder’s Quorum in which both High Priest and Elder can serve together in the Presidency, learn, and minister more effectively. Only the Stake Presidency, the High Council and Bishopric will become part of the  “active” High Priest quorum. Yearly meetings have also been changed. You can watch Elder Christofferson  and Elder Rasband give the details.

3. On Ester Sunday afternoon Session, changes were made to the home teaching and visiting teaching. What are these changes you may ask? Oh yeah, it’s no longer in action!! That’s right, now we are instead focusing on what’s called, “Ministering” which focuses on what really matters most, helping those in need in a more effective way. More details will be sent out as to how to approach this new process. Watch the Sunday Afternoon Sessionhere.

(Just my though: I did agree with HT and VT, with that said, it became difficult to achieve the M&M program from the work of salvation as it added and extra dose of work to others. I respected the organized and shepherding way about it and what it did to someone when they were actually visited. With that said, can you imagine if the savior had just come down to minister to a selected group of 3-5 souls? Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching served it’s purpose and now it’s time for a new way which will also have its own powerful purpose.)

4. President Nelson then announced 7 new Temples in which he said before mentioning “Our message to the world is simple. We invite brothers and sisters on both sides of the Veil to come onto the Savior, receive the blessing of the Holy Temple, have enduring joy and qualify for Eternal life….” Both sides?!! My Goodness!! What power!

Here are the Temples,

• Salta, Argentina
• Bengaluru, India
• Managua, Nicaragua
• Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
• Layton, Utah
• Richmond, Virginia
• A major city yet to be determined in Russia




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