Like I said, History was going to be made at General Conference

You are welcome to read my prior blog “General Conference, History in the making. Two new apostles, Elder Gong from Redwood City,California and Elder Soares from Sāo Paulo, Brazil. Elder Soares is the first Apostle outside of the U.S and Europe. Some, even claim him to be the first hispanic as well. But are you hispanic if you are from Brazil?

Although Elder Gong is not from China (which many think so) he does have a close relationship with it. Elder Gong was a member of the Asia Area Presidency, headquartered in Hong Kong. I’ve have not been able to find to much info on his family background so we look forward in getting to know him better.

Elder Soares, is an amazing man. I actually met him two years ago when he came down to give us Bishops a training. He has powerful testimony of the Savior and he is an amazing teacher. He’s focus was on helping the work of salvation move forward in our region. Some thought he was born in Portugal, but he was actually a Mission President in the Porto, Portugal Mission from 2000-2003.

I sustain these two men. If you want more info, read from the Church’s page. Also, Although I am not a face of Wikipedia, they do have a good background on Elder Gong and Elder Soares.

Which is your favorite talk so far?


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