General Conference, History in the making.

We all love General Conference so much! And guess what? It’s that time of the year again. However, new awesome changes are in the horizon. Here are a few of the many things to expect.

First of all,

We will be sustaining our new Prophet, Russell M. Nelson, President Oaks as the new member and first counselor of the General Presidency, President Eyering as the new Second counselor, two new Apostles since the death of our dear Prophet, Thomas S. Monson and Elder Robert D. Hales of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. This will of course means new 70’s will be called as well. We are excited to hear further news, announcements, guidance and instructions to be given to the general world membership. We also look forward in sustaining these new brethren in their callings and any other general authority for that matters. We will do so happily and with two hands and arms just for kicks.

Second of all,

In our stake last weekend, we had the privilege in being visited by Elder Uchtdorf (It’s still weird calling him Elder and not President.) Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the 70 (please check out this recent talk he gave at BYU Speeches   called Be 100 Percent Responsible) and Elder Thompson, our awesome area 70. This was a very needed and exciting visit to our stake. Funny thing is that our Stake is half hispanic, and I can say being on time for us is not our best attribute, add to that being from Miami makes it even worst. (If you have lived in Miami for at least 6 months, you know what I’m talking about.) However, I was surprised when I got there 2 hours early and most of the parking lot was full. My dad was also excited to see Elder Uchtdorf as and he also came early. He has never really had the privilege to meet a General Authority that close. He loves all the Apostles but is very fund of Elder Uchtdorf. All he kept saying for days was ” I’m going to hug him and shake his hand.” Some of our conversations went like this,

Dad: I wan’t to hug him and shake his hand, you know, as a thank you for come all the way here.

Me: Dad, it does not work like that he may not like it.

Dad: Why not? He is an apostle, he is suppose to be loving and caring. I’ve seen him do it to others, why not me?

Me: Yes, I’m sure he is and he does, but think of the other hundred’s of people that may want to do the same. He may not have time.

Dad: Well, I’m going to hug him. I’ll sit right the on the front, either I hug him before he starts his remarks or at the end.

Me: Dad, you can’t just launch your self to an Apostle, he will have secrete service with him. you may get hurt.

Dad: But why? Ahh, I’ll shake his hand and hug him. Watch, he will hug me back.

Well, Elder Uchtdorf gracefully and humbly went down the hall of the sacrament room shaking hands with everyone like a champ. For a moment I thought he was going to be lifted and carried outside. And yes, my dad did hug him and did shake his hand and Elder Uchtdorf happily did the same. In fact my cover photo is of my dad doing just that. =) Too funny!

Many wonderful things were taught but among them, how to “lift where we stand” by Elder Utchdorf, seeing the bigger vision of the Church by Elder Robbins and the converting power of the Book of Mormon by Elder Thompson.

Elder Uchtdorf asked our congregation on Sunday (which they called a special conference) to watch his first talk as new member of the Presidency and second counselor to President Monson, called, Lift Where You Stand. The talk spoke about… Ahh, I’ll let you watch it. But I will share at least the comment Pres… I mean, Elder Uchtdorf shared.

There where several brethren that needed to lift a Grand Piano from one Church Building to another. When the day came, all of them tried the task in various ways but continue to fail in moving the Grand Piano. One brother finally said “Brethren, lift where you stand.” Elder Uchtdorf though much on this phrase and compared it to how we serve and when we are called to serve.

He taught us how we may undermine our callings at times and think of our selfs  as, “I’m just a primary president”, “I’m just an Elder”, “I’m just a Ward Mission Leader.” Where we are needed is where we should lift. He compared himself as an example when he got released. He loved to serve as a Presidency member but also enjoys serving as a 12 and he will do all he can to lift others in the position where he stands now. Which I thought was awesome because in my case with this blog, my purpose was to reach out to others and give the a positive view of our Faith in Christ and the Church. I thought it would be silly to do this, through a blog, and that no one would ever follow me or read or like it. I serve in many callings, recently as a Bishop with the purpose of “lifting where I stand”, but at times, when there is time, I share a unique perspective here at Mormonrabilia. Maybe it may influence someone one day to do something positive.

Often we move and stay in places for short periods of time in which we will be asked to serve and proudly we should. Jokingly Elder Uchtdorf said there was a brother being asked what he was contributing in the moving of the Piano and the brother responded, “I’m carrying the music book.” This Story although funny, it has a similar note to all of us when we are simply not fulfilling our calling or not lifting our load where we stand. We do enough, but not what we can. So, don’t carry the music book.

Third of all,

This year, unlike others years, sessions for Relief Society and Priesthood have changed. Instead of having Relief Society/ Sisters to start of the conference and the Priesthood session on Saturday for both in April and October, only one will take place in either month. So, The Priesthood Session will be this April without the Sisters also having Conference. In October the Sisters will then have their Conference session and the Priesthood will not. These changes are to support the efforts for family to spend more time together during these weekends. For more information and details, click here.

That’s my brief info, please follow us to on our Facebook page and our website at 

Stay tune!


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