The Truth About The Bishops Interview Questions

What a surprise, others bashing and hating to the LDS Church again. I’ve seen, read, spoke, replied to so many people about this in the pass few years. Wethers it’s me giving the interview or one of my Counselors or in the media. I can clear without a doubt say there is nothing wrong with any of the questions. They are inspired and they DO NOT come from the Bishop at all. They are from God and they have a purpose which I will explain in detail.


As member of the LDS Faith, we embrace hard work, world-wide service and worshiping every week. One of the ways we provide service is also through worshiping our Lord and Savior of the World, Jesus Christ. One particular way is by attending the Temple and providing Sacred ordinances, whether for our own purpose such as getting married for all time and all eternity or as we call it, “getting sealed” or providing baptisms for the our ancestors and others who have passed away. As wonderful as these acts of worship are, one must have some preparation to enter the House of the Lord.

  1. One must be a member of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation by the laying of the hands and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
  2. One must be twelve years old or older. If male, He must have the Priesthood which we believe through scripture it’s the power of God-given to worthy males of the Church.
  3. One must be worthy to enter the Temple.
  4. One must have a Temple recommendation by the Bishop if you’re a youth or new member and later, a second interview by the Stake President when you are doing things like getting your own endowment or getting sealed for all time and all Eternity.

This recommendation is done by providing a set of questions such as

“Do you believe in and have a testimony of God the Eternal Father and in His son Jesus Christ?”

“Are you honest in dealing with your fellow-men?”

And the controversial one is “Do you live the law of chastity?” Which for us is simply being pure and clean from any sexual misconduct of ANY form. We believe that only men and women ought to have such sacred relationships within the bonds of marriage.

When we read in 2nd Corinthians, we learn that our bodies are a temple in which the holy Ghost should dwell in  and then the question is asked, which Temple are you? meaning a clean one or filthy one. We cannot send ANYONE young or old to the house of the Lord if they are not ready or worthy to enter the House of the Lord. I’m sorry if you disagree but this is the way the Lord has set it to be. There is nothing wrong or perverse in asking such questions.

Our youth are taught from scripture how to be chased, clean and pure. How to honor our bodies and be virtues, modest and have a clean way about them. Parents are encouraged to teach their Child about such things and how to stay away from the filth and family destructive ways of Pornography.  In fact, it’s up to the individual to choose for themselves whether or not they want to go to the Temple. It’s not the Bishops job or any leaders jobs to teach such things one on one. In fact, a Bishop needs permission from the parent to give such interviews as instructed in the Handbook 2 in the book of instructions.

We DO NOT tolerated ANY misconduct when it comes any kind of sexual behavior. The member will be automatically excommunicated and vast questioning and research is done. The same way it’s not allowed at your work place, it’s the same way it’s not allowed in our Church. We keep the laws of the land.

The last question is my favorite. It asked, “do you consider yourself worthy to the enter the house of the Lord?” No Bishop or Stake President can find a youth or person worthy, it is between them and the Lord whether or not they are being honest. We are simply there to ask the questions, guide and answer any questions the member is having. In my own observation, this last question is what makes the whole interview more personal with the savior, more about you entering his home and you being okay with it.

Bishops and Church Leaders are meant to help and guide others to come closer to Christ. In such a church with so many regulations and laws, no one stays within the reach of improper shadow behavior, let alone, dark behavior.

You may not understand, your may not agree or like, but this is God’s true Church on Earth. It has imperfect people in which I am sure from time to time, have lied have become “lovers of men more than lovers of God” have gone stray. But to base the reputation of a whole Church including babies as perverse because you are ignorant as to how things are handled, is flat-out ridiculous and ignoramus.

There is much more to say about this topic but my focus was simply to clarify the purpose of why we have the questions and why they are important. But man, the things in social media are just plain stupid, seriously. One guy was complaining about the question and said he actually loved porn another woman said that porn is not the issue and that porn is not a cause for rapes and then called us a perverts. Can you see why I’m choosing to write about this, there are some twisted sick people out there man! Sad lonely pathetic people who do not have better things to do attack and disrupt the innocent.


Bishops and Church Leaders are regular men and women who accept responsibilities because they are asked, but serve because they love the Lord. We have His kingdom to grow whether it is a Sunday School Teacher in South Africa or a young Humble Bishop who is still has lots to learn in Hialeah, Fl. I do not know of such evil men who are in such power to do such harm in this church, trust me, I be the first to call him/ her out in a heart beat and then find it within my heart to forgive somehow. Such attacks on the Church and it’s leader just really get to me because it’s not true. I used to be the blind ignorant outsider and now I’m on the other side of the table and I understand that ANY negative comment on social media lack truth, evidence and proper understanding of doctrine and administrative process of the church.  I’ am brutally inpatient against both evil doers that are outside of the church and even the very few who unfortunately have strayed away.

Being a Bishop is difficult. At times, or, most often times, people want you and call you at every direction. So much that you tend to know who is calling you and for what possible reason. It’s long hours, it’s sometimes ungrateful people, it’s sometime work load after work load before you are close to finishing the first duty. It’s lonely, and challenging to try to get people to be on the same page in an administrative way and spiritual way. Sometimes people you are working with simply fall by the way side and others move away. It sometimes feels like you’re in a gps that is constantly re- routing trying to go the right direction. But most often than not, I, with my auxiliary leaders and Stake Presidency and the Love that is my wife, find a way.

It is also rewarding when someone call you, “Bishop, can I have a word”, it’s such a unique thing that only Bishops will understand. To know you could help change someone live because you help the get closer to the Savior it’s worth it. It is a testimony builder for me. To help Youth Understand for themselves true doctrine and have them be in the righteous path of our Master and King is delightful. The constant work and labor is worth it when the individual says, “Yes Bishop, I’m worthy to enter the Lords House.”

“For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal life of men.” Moses 1:39





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