The Audacity of Hope

When the Pilgrims landed in what would be come the United States, little did they know what their voyage would turn into. Fleeing from the bands of their country and seeking religious freedom, their hopes for a better future where vibrant and yet, unclear.

Through the up and coming years, wars, contention and the movement of a developing country would come about. Democracy would tattoo the air of the nation and devision between Republicans and Democrats, Followers of God and Atheist would be the emphasis of most Americans.

But what was it all for? Why all the wars and fighting through out History? What where our ancestors defending? Was it mere desire to live or to serve God? I say, that many dare to have the audacity of hoping for a better way to exercise their Faith with their Families with liberty and Freedom. Anything else would simply be mundane.

The “American Dream” has for many decades been a target life style that millions around the world thrive for, but what exactly does that mean? Well, as being born to immigrants and being one myself, I say, it means everything! Education, freedom to work, freedom of speech, freedom of faith and hope that it will all work out if you try hard enough. Freedom to quit a job and find another one if we don’t like it.

It is not a far cry to compare the American dream with an actual dream. I mean, in your dream you could do what you please (unless is a nightmare) right? You have control, you let happen what you want to let happen, you are the Master of your domain. Add in a few bumps in the road, some taxes, a nice home, wife and kids, and there you go. It is the dream of all, American just makes it available to keep the dream constant.

We could be what ever we wish to  be. From Baseball player to a Rock Start, Lawyer, Author, even the President of the United States. The “dream” can come true, but before you it does, you have work tirelessly before going to sleep. We all know this of course. But how many of us know what sacrifices have been made to achieve this freedom. What are you willing to sacrifice?


America in the early 1800’s was a broad open land  with the blood of the brave imbedded into the soil in which it’s very trees grew upon. Race and Religion where main subjects spoken of and the main source of work was hard labor.

There was very little to do but to live a hard life with simple desire. The American dream was alive for them because it was all they knew. I of course speak about whites only, because  very little to minority such as blacks slaves or other immigrants where obviously not accepted. It would not be until 1865 that Slavery would be abolish.This road seemed to be a normal road that made good men bad, and bad men evil. It led to hate, racism, murder of the innocent, self loathing, greed. The era of the good men or founding Fathers had been gone for decades and a country with ample capacity to grow, a country with so much rooted history on Faith and Family, had become Fatherless.

The other road was called religion. In 1830 a young man named Joseph Smith Jr. Was chosen by God to become the Prophet of both the land and the World and restored the Church. The gospel was restored and the rapid growth of the nation began. It would only be 35 years until slavery would be abolish and many technological advancements would come to fruition. We are all God’s Children, but this is How this country. The religious route brought much happiness, peace and clarity to many.

In the capsule of history, these two roads  would eventually collided with opinion, judgement and hatred. Opinion and Pried to have that opinion heard had clotted that road. The good became bad and the bad become good. The very truth in the scriptures that many men and women began to hate, shared the truth about what would happen in these latter days, but somehow, the bumpy road of ignorance and self opinion matter more than the truth they, the Americans had. What can we hope for in this great nation? Are we great as people or just a powerful wealthy nation?

With all these said, these are a few things to have hope in,

  1. There is a living prophet in the Earth.
  2. The Priesthood is restored once again.
  3. The church in which that Prophet presides teaches trues principles of God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world.
  4. The Headquarters of that true Church are in this , North American Nation.
  5. Since many things in the scriptures have come to fruition, we should lean on the truth that our Savior will come again.




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