“On the Edge” with Stuart Edge

Hey guys, it’s James Collins here from Mormonrabilia, just in amazement with the world we live in. The world-wide web has been a great influence in transforming the way we view, like, share and post things. Since Valentine’s Day 2005 the society has become a little edgier as it’s fallen in love You Tube. With over a billion subscribers https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html the possibilities of what can be viewed and shared are endless. Personally, I’ve been inspired by Lindsay Stirling, Alex Boye, and even Jimmy Fallon. You tube has introduced us to so many, but none quite like Stuart, Stuart Edge .

Mr. Edge has become a worldwide phenomenon with millions of fans and over two hundred million YouTube views. His wit, humor, and perplexing magic tricks have been a positive influence on our world.  It’s really his comedic and good-hearted persona, that’s left us asking for more. Jimmy Fallon has even asked him more. Stuart Edge and Lindsey Stirling were invited to Fallon’s show where Jimmy stated, ‘by the way guys, stop looking and get hitched to each other, seriously that was the first thing that came to mind way before I knew you two even knew each other!’

Stuart has gone tubeless with his new book “On the Edge: How my crappy job changed my life”. He will keep you wired as you travel with him through the autobiography of his life. Stuart speaks on unique and tender topics such as his parent’s divorce, overcoming anxiety, missionary work and a porta potty cleaner. His adventures in life have taught him to be the person he is today; A great inspiration and entertainer.

As most of us know young Latter-Day Saint men are expected to serve a 2-year mission with the opportunity to go anywhere in the world and the decisions being totally out of your own control. Back track a few years prior to Stuart serving his 2-year mission. Momma Edge wanted to learn how to speak Spanish, so they packed their bags and were off to Veracruz Mexico? After returning back home and began to prepare for his mission he was called to Veracruz Mexico. Pretty ironic doncha think? I would tell you more, but that’s enough spoilers. However, I will say is that Stuart is brilliant, witty, and a overachieving risk taker. Let’s all just face it, he’s here to stay.

No gimmicks or jokes here, so go get yourself a few copies.

Some great gifting ideas:

  • Father’s Days
  • Baptisms
  • Anyone that likes to read


It really is a great book that you will enjoy!

Mormonrabilia, Out!



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