What binds you?


On a recent trip to the temple, I was thinking of ways to improve my life. I decided to think a little different from the usual, “I need to do this and I need to do that” kind of attitude, so instead of doing that, I decided that maybe, to improve my life, I needed to take away things that I may be doing wrong rather than to add things into my life to make them better.

I then made a list of all the things which bind me. I also added other things which bind others, and before I knew it, there was my next blog.


I will first speak about the things which others tend to be bound by.

  1. Pornography or anything which entices sexual desire. This could be music, humor, the next cool movie, conversation, a video, social media. Acting on any of these things will lead to great bondage, or, in other words, addiction. You can’t progress when all your focus is centered on feeding your appetite. This is the most destructive of all bondages.
  2. Being unorganized. Having a messy room, car, workspace or even cluttered computer can really hold you back because it prevents you from thinking clearly. Not thinking clearly prevents you to recognize the light of Christ in your life simply because you are surrounded by so much clutter. Plan now to clean up your mess and start fresh. You will see the difference instantly. Remember, is not about just being clean and neat, but is about inviting that perfect source to be around us more in our life; especially when it is our own home that we need to clear up. Have you ever been to the temple? When was the last time you saw it messy or dirty? When was the last time you went and did not feel the spirit? Never!…. 1+1 is…
  3. Not planning or setting goals. You will find yourself not knowing what to strive for. Everyday will seem almost like a ground hog day, doing the “same old.” The “same old” phrase are for people who don’t have anything else going for them because they have chosen not to set goals for their life. They wake up, maybe eat breakfast, drive or take some sort of transportation to work, have a break, go back home or stop somewhere on the way there, go to sleep and do it all over again. They are bound to an unprogressive routine. Set goals and Plan ways to accomplish them. When I think of Heaven, the last thing I’m sure we would be doing as perfect people is to have routine lives that are mundane.

This is the time to prepare to meet God so let go of the small things that hold you back. Nephi said it best when he was tired of sin. I’ am sure he was also tired of routine when he said”Rejoice, O my heart, and give place no more for the enemy of my soul.” (2Nephi 4:28) I am sure he is making a promise to himself and God that he will not continue with the mundane, but rather he rejoices  and does not let bother any longer that which was binding him. Anything you become in bondage too is mundane because it causes you to do the same thing over and over without progression or any avenues of getting out.

Okay, I know, there are other main ones like being bound to  Alcohol and Tabacco or coffee and tea. Not to mention drugs, both illegal and prescribe. In my opinion, these are things that bind you, but you just don’t find yourself doing them, you make a choice to use them, so make the right choice. Maybe that could be another blog, but for now, I want to focus on the gradual things. Things which bind you because they seem to be part of life and definitely part of society.

The ones above seem to happen all the time. Pornography, for example, You could be looking up a friend on Facebook or Instagram and bam! An inappropriate picture of a girl or boy begins to lure you in. The same thing with being messy and lack of goal setting. Satan entices in all things, but in some, he does it so gradually that he will make it seem normal.

For example, if you were to ask ten men and women who are sexually active if they prefer a drink, a smoke or even drugs over their intimate relationship, most of them, if not all of them will choice the intimacy part. Some people don’t like drugs, alcohol and specially Tabacco, but sexual, besides food, it the most sought after desire because is second nature. President Boy K Packard taught that the plan of procreation did not just merely happened, but that it was an essential plan to mortality. He taught that the feelings and emotion that go along with the desire to procreated are planted in us but that it is to be used only with our spouse in a proper and respectful matter. (See Why stay morally clean from the 1971 April General Conference) Do you get that? You can bind yourself with a spouse and Christ in order to be free. Satan binds you to lust and carnal appetite; leaving you without an eternal home.

Now, I don’t want to speak about the law of chastity, although it is the main one that binds people and keeps them from progressing. I am speaking about bondage in general. I will now share another two which, one of them, has bound just about every person I know. Yet, this one in particular is very sneaky when it comes to bondage, but  unlike breaking the law of chastity or pornography, this one is not a sin and it is almost as normal as people think sexual intimacy is.


You ready? How about being bound by debt and food?! I told you I would give you my two personal.

Food; In some parts of the world it maybe scares, I know, I lived in a country in which it was not easy to get as much food as I can here in America, because for us, here in America, food is abundant in our supermarkets, restaurants, malls, streets, gas stations. Food is the fuel that keeps humans going and growing (in all literal aspects) with no signs of stopping. Food brings comfort and good memories.

We eat every day. Several times a day. But it seems that we have gotten carried away with how much we eat. We have taken food from a necessity to an obsessive compulsion that bound many to obesity and death.

This is common sense when it comes to being bound. We become depressed, we lose self-worth and even feel unattractive. It is easy for me to look at some statistics and give you all some numbers, but would that help this blog? We all know the huge (no pun intended) problems that we have gotten ourselves into because we are over-eating. We are always tired and always wanting more because we think that food can bring comfort to our tiredness. My mission president mentioned once that if we can control our eating habits, we can learn to control anything else. This is most true because eating is the third biggest practice in a human life after breathing and drinking. We need it, yet we abuse what we need. That is a very powerful weapon.

Okay, now the last one was one I never saw coming especially since 99% of the human race has this issue, and maybe even the 1%. That’s right, debt is a huge binder. I would even include bad credit a binder of opportunity, which eventual is related to debt.

Have you ever wanted to buy something or open business, go to school, buy a car, house, camera, phone and don’t really have the money to do, so but buy it anyways? We are a generation that has become satisfied with spending more than what we have. There is always that new something we need to get our hands on. Is either buy something or spend in it on the last bondage, food.

Dept will also take away from any goals or plans you want to achieve. In this life, you need to keep a well-balanced budget. like food, money helps us survive, so is obvious that we need it. The problem comes when we use it the wrong way. I know what it means not to have money. Not to be able to get what you want, and let me tell you, it does not feel good, but I’ve learned that if we save, invest and plan ways to have money work for you, your financial headache will eventually go away.

Pay tithing, give of your offerings, speak to investors and open a small mutual fund. I recommend you do so through a third party broker because is cheaper like Primerica. I opened y first one with $50 and only had 1.6 percent of funds and now I have more. Things like these take time and they are for retirement but there are other things that help you stay away from that bondage. Remember, at times in not what you need to add to your life, is what you need to take out, and in this case, is getting rid of all you debt such as credit cards, unpaid parking tickets etc.   I opened y first one with $50 and only had 1.6 percent of funds and now I have more. Things like these take time and they are for retirement but there are other things that help you stay away from that bondage. Remember, at times in not what you need to add to your life, is what you need to take out, and in this case, is getting rid of all you debt such as credit cards, unpaid parking tickets etc.

This life is too beautiful to be bound by anything.  “Adam fell that men may be…” Let’s not make his actions vain. Let’s have joy. Let’s make intelligent decisions so the light of Christ may be with us. (see Doctrine and Covenants 93:36 ). Satan wants us bound and wants us to be miserable like unto himself. He does have a not body, therefore, he wants to destroy ours. He is bound. He is not progressive, so that’s what he wants. As much as many may not believe in God or Christ, we chose them, not satan and he is taking advantage of what we can’t remember. Please remember Christ always for He has been the one who has broken the chains which would have bound us.

Note: If you are suffering from addiction of any kind please know there are many ways and many trusted people you can speak too. If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, please speak to you Bishop. He has all the needed tools to help, let alone keys and inspiration from the Lord. See this link, it is arp.lds.org


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