“From a Baptist Preacher to a Mormon Teacher” Wain Myers

Several weeks ago I noticed that Cedar fork was Publishing Al Fox’s new book ” Not just the Tattoed Mormon Girl.” I contacted Cedar asking if I could be a part of her Blog Tour. Kelly Martinez asked a few questions and then gave me the great news that my blog, http://@mormonrabilia could participate on the tour. He then asked me if I would like to blog about Wain Myer’s new book http://www.authorwainmyers.com/. I quickly looked to see who Waine Myers was and just as quickly noticed him from his many blogs and post on FB especially those in 1 million Mormons in Facebook.

The book is absolutely awesome! He gives great insight on events which happen to him as a child to those later in his life. The 100 plus page Bio is funny and witty giving you a clear insight on how Wain really is and also how he even may sound like.

Wain speaks about many subjects in topics very straight forward yet writes very little but has found a way to say a lot, that’s not easy people! He also writes on “touchy” points of views such as the priesthood being give to whites other races but black. He explains why and how he grew to understand it. In the book he shares a wonderful quote by Bruce R McConkie I really liked, about learning line upon line and precept after precept which in a sense that how we all fully understand things.

I felt the stories he touched bases own are things which many may be thinking off but yet do really speak on, I let you find out for yourself.

MY, favorite part of the book was the days of his introduction to the church and how he was able to write in the tone of an outsider or visitor to the church, in other words, the example his eyes saw. I could understand how he still remembers those precious moments from his first few times at church and the visit with Bishop-Weston.

Th book is on sale in many places such as Dessert Book, Seagull Books, Amazon, Goodreads, BooksandThings.com Barnesandnoble.com

I recommend this book to all converts and really to all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Even though this is a Bio about many different things, it gives a great insight how visitors and non-members feel when they see us, partake with us, and learn with us.

Waynes story is simple yet filled with laughter and great understanding. One can feel the love he has for Heavenly Father. ReAd iT, shArE iT!… Please.



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