Hello folks!

I James Collins will be part of a blog tour on both Oct 21st and Nov 21st.

Wain & Kelly

I will be blogging on Wain Myer’s book “From and Baptist Preacher to a Mormon Teacher” on October 21st. I can’t wait for the day to share about Wain’s conversion and the way he found the Gospel. I don’t want to give off too much because I do want you to read this book and feel inspire by it to share the gospel and to gain a strong testimony that the fields are white and ready to harvest. Check out his cool website,

Author and blogger Kelly Martinez has co-written the book. He has written much about sports, book reviews, and has a blog of his own right called “Señor writes” at Kelly also works for Cedar Fort Publishing as a marketing specialist.

Al Fox Carraway

In the other side of the spectrum, I’ll be Blogging on November 21st about “More than the tattooed Mormon girl” By Al Fox Carraway.

If you have any media about Mormon lives, you have definitely seen Al. She is that cool blond with all the tattoos that has an awesome conversion story and is also the founder of Believe clothing. Al got baptize in 2009 and her conversion has helped millions, not to mention, it has broken the stereotype of what Mormon should look like or should be. Never in a time like now do we need the world to know that we are human beings who all have the same common perspective and goals as anybody else living on Earth. The main thing which differentiates us from the common person is that we diligently follow all of Jesus Christ and His teachings including the one about forgiveness and change. Fox, like many millions of others, have enhanced the fact that change+fogiveness+ repentance all intertwine with each other, we all need all three!

so stay in tune in October 21st and November 21st for the tours and don’t forget to pick up a copy for yourself and friends.

Here some links for further information


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