The Christ-Like challenge

Scriptures teach us that we are agents unto ourselves meaning that we have divine capability for Heavenly Father to make choices of our own without force, enticement and always with an end result of good or bad.

It seems like we are living in times where people only care about themselves, their feelings and their equality and not about Christ or Heavenly Father’s feelings. A slap on the face to the men that created us and Son who died for us. But the truth is that people are so confuse about what is truth and what is not, that we have humans tend to use our God-given agency to make more bad choice than good and yet we tend to blame God and Christ for most of the bad choices that we make, heck the bad choices that others make. But if we simply would just follow the example of Christ and I mean follow him not just believe, not just a feel good about it type thing, I mean really follow and act on all the good truth he has taught us.


Okay, the idea for the challenge came from two things, to proof that if we as individuals and as parents center our lives and the lives of our children more on christ and follow him, we can have a better outcome in society, school, personal life, career, family and best of all a strong and power relationship with our savior Jesus Christ.

The other Idea idea came from the very infamous complaint “where is god when bad things happen to good people?” To this I reply with the same unfair question, where ARE YOU when something bad is happening to good people? Did Christ not command us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and lift the hands that hang down? Where are you in all of this besides a fly on the wall complaining.

So instead of complaining and questioning where God is or even mentioning where he should be, I say at least get to know him first. He knows you and has been, well, in worst shoes than the ones you have, but more than likely you may not know him as much. I don’t fully know him, none of us do. We have some knowledge of him we have studied him, some of us praise him and have made covenants with him, but I don’t think we are right there yet where we can say, I fully know him. I promise that this challenge will help you get to know him a bit more, It has worked for me, so, come on, have a crack at it.


All you will need is desire, scriptures, social media page and a camera. This will take one week but will get better results if you go for two.

1. Pray. Pray when you wake up, pray when you eat (at any given time that you eat), with others, before going to bed. And if you are married, pray together with spouse, both in the morning and before bed, and whatever happens, do not go to bed angry

2. Go out with local missionaries, if there aren’t any around or if you are not of the LDS faith then invite a friend or go by yourself to visit a less active friend from church, share a spiritual message for 3 days out of the 7. Invite as many people as you can to come to church on Sunday with you.

3. Read the scriptures every day for a minimum 20 – 30 minutes each day. Read the 4 gospel in the new testament or read 2Nephi 9-12, 3Nephi 12-17. If you finish on time continue reading.

4. Provide service to someone in need. Do their yard, clean their care, wash dishes, teach them something they are in need of, just serve. If you have the Priesthood and are worthy of it, offered to give a blessing. You will see the difference as you practice your powers as Priesthood holder.

5. Forgive someone who has deeply hurt you. This one may be tough and awkward but very rewarding because you will learn how to apply the atonement and shed some of your pride.

6. Ask for forgiveness to someone you have deeply hurt. This can be just as humbling as point 5. This also means to repent from your sins, the spirit will let you know what they are.

7. Show charity meaning, try to get along with someone you really dislike, try knowing them and figuring what it is that you don’t like about them and find a common ground. This one should be easy especially nowadays. Remember charity is the pure love of Christ, surely at one point or another you have felt this kind of love so radiate that to someone else. You can also leave this point for last.

8. Keep all ten commandment, and live them. Keep away from anything that will harm your body, from foul movies and music and language. Let virtue garnish your thoughts.

9. Sacrifice something you really love so that someone can benefit from it. This could be as simple as your time, money, blood, I don’t know what you can consider a sacrifice, at least in your eyes.

10. Take pictures throughout the process and share them with your friends on social media with the hashtag #Christlikechallenge.


These are just a few things that have helped me get to know by savior more because it took time, dedicated time out of my life. It helped me make better decisions. I have done all of this multiple times over and, of course, many more things you can add to the list, I can’t’ give you more details because everyone is different and lives in different places and have different circumstance with different schedule, but is enough to get you going. Like I said, two weeks will really be worth it.


My life has changed in many ways. Although I do many of these steps every week, I must say I did just about all of this every day in my mission. I have never felt more blessed and more happy as I labored for others. This is true. No one can take that from me because I live it, I am nowhere near perfect and have had to repent for very regretful mistakes and sins, but I know more about who my saviour is and what he wants out of me. This challenge can teach you that. I know him know more than ever and although I am striving to still know him, I feel safe to say I do have a relationship with my Father in Heaven and my brother, my savior Jesus Christ. They live, They govern and everything that is good comes from them.

This world needed before, needs now and forever more Christlike people. I testify with all my heart that if we focus to be more like the saviour, principal by principal instead of shooting for perfection all at once that this world would be more at peace, more intelligent, wiser, more loving, more organized and in control. We as humanity would really see things how they really are and how they should be rather than how we want them to be.


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