Color Blind

We are constantly hearing about the kind of world we live in. That is this or that, too much of one thing or too little of another. Well, I think that is a good thing that we are well-balanced on thing that are going on and where we should stand with the world’s opposing views. Really, the world is changing so rapidly is kind of unrealistic. We need to remember always who we are, what we represent as church members, what covenants we have made and how we should live them. Knowing what is going on in the world is important, is important as a human being and especially as members of Christ very true Church.

My last blog focused a bit on how we constantly bring back things from the past. It focused more on moral topics than anything else, however I did not originally intend to write about that, it seemed that the one sentence I wrote on how we should not bring back the past, lead me to that topic. Today I want to write about that original idea.

Okay, first and for most, my main topic will be back up by this “God created man in his own image” and “all man are created equal” that obviously means women as well. So any time your may fell to contradict me just remember these two ideas.

The rampage hurricane of social media has rammed throughout the world. I get that, it is inside everyone’s home one way or another, heck even if you don’t use social media your wireless device have the capability for and it gives you the option to use it. It seems however that as good as social media, phones and tablets can be there is always people who use it for the wrong thing. Now, what does any of this have to do with my topic in which I have yet shared with you.

Well, most of what we see in the world today especially in America, is this ignorantly way of pursuing human rights, heck is not even human rights, is more like personal opinion and personal desire. I want to focus a bit on racism. I don’t want to give a whole history on it nor do I want to go into deep details, choose sides on who’s wrong or who’s right. Quite frankly at one point or another all of our ancestors have faced slavery of some kind or another. No, I want to focus the logic of how we are acting and the way we are directing ourselves into the future…

Look first and for most, let’s just stop putting things where they don’t belong. Just because a white cop arrest a black person or vise versa does not mean is an issue about race. It seems that people nowadays act like victims and yet don’t really stand up for themselves the way they want to be represented anyway. It seems however that the media only focuses on black “racist” cases, but yet there are dozens of violent acts on white, Hispanics, Indians and do I even need to pin point the elephant in the room, anyone from the middles east.

The way I see all these reports (“attacks on blacks or whites”) after I read them or view the “faulty” act is a blur, nothing makes sense. The cop, if white arrest a black person out of nowhere the cop is a racist or vise versa. Asking around and doing some research I found a dozen of negative acts done on white, Indians, Hispanic, middle east, Koreans, Chinese, Jewish, Mexican (it seems that they are not treated like Hispanics at times) and even Canadians. We have all be subjected to some kind of mockery, but let me be straight forward hear some complaints are becoming a bit too pathetic.

The other day I watched a video where a guy starts filming a girl telling him he should leave and could not wait in a waiting area of a college campus office. She said she would call cops if the guy did not leave the room. Apparently he was in a waiting area and the girl just told him to leave for no reason according to the guy. The guy was black and girl is white. He then began to film right as soon as the girl approached him in an astonishing matter where the guy was said to be speechless. My question is, why was he not filming before the girl got up to him? they are calling this a possible race issue. I really doubt that this girl just saw a black man and then asked him to leave. I mean this was a college campus with thousand of multi-cultural students. Like, get over yourselves people white, black whatever! Who’s to say he was not being rude before and even if he was not, what would he film that and then post it on videos. It seems as if he would like to get exposure. Quite frankly at least from the video, the girl was not being rude let along racist. She did ask him to leave and he still oppose. She seemed to have been in charge of the area and yet he refused to respect authority. What waste of time.


I am the most multi-cultural individual I know. I was born in Venezuela, but my parents along with one brother and one sister are Colombian. My mother’s parents are fully Italian, like 100%. My dad’s side is half American with a touch of Irish somewhere down the line and his mother parents were from Syria and Lebanon! I also live in Miami, the biggest melting pot I know. I can now say that I know that God knows exactly who I am. He loves me for who I am, for what I look like, for my weird mixed blood and heritage, but he also created me. I have live in three different countries, 4 different states and if my mind serves me right in about 10 to 11 different towns or cities. I am no stranger to culture and yet I have lot’s to learn but I can say is that God the Father knows his sheep and he loves them even  if they don’t understand what love is. He is more than aware of the beautiful colors we all have in our skins.

Ferguson, Baltimore, Paula Deen, Cesar Chavez and his movement, myself. All at one point or another where miss treated. I was made fun off in one high school I went to for being white. The school was about 85% to 90% black. I look white but only have very little of it in me. Cesar Chavez fought for something worth fighting for he and his people were wonderful Mexican workers who legally where miss treated. Paula Deen was accused for being racist for something she said or even try to do.

I worked in the culinary industry for 9 years, there are only racist people from all walks of life. Even until the last kitchen I worked in there was racist, drug attics, sexual harassment or jokes, the industry is full of pirates!

Baltimore and Ferguson, Baltimore makes no sense at all, is like there is something trying to be done but it the worst possible way to do it and Ferguson, I deeply understand how horrible it must have been to lose a son so young. I can’t say I have been on those parents shoes and that of their families, but I will say this, we cannot ignore the actions of Mr. Brown. That would be just as ignorant as to ignore what the officer did. It is not for me to judge but seeing his actions clearly shows that Mr. Brown was going to come across with the law at one point or another. That has been said by many. That has been the obvious.


I can’t say I have been on those parents shoes and that of their families but it will say this, we cannot ignore the actions of Mr. Brown that would be just as ignorant as to ignore what the officer did. It is not for me to judge but seeing his actions clearly shows that Mr. Brown was going to come across with the law at one point or another.

to be honest, no one is taking responsibility for their actions, rather they are using cop-outs to defend themselves, like racism any time is miss treated this particular topic. Is not, stop it!

I must say there are many cases in which racism have been involved, no doubt, I don’t disagree with that, but what I am saying is the way we approach the topic is wrong. Why did Ferguson have to go up in flame or Baltimore start being destroyed. The world is falling apart and we are arguing about race? Really? You I wish I could say in other topics like the same-sex marriage that we are going backward but that is a new case in which  learning the bad from our past cannot help. But racism really? Why are we bringing this back and please don’t ” because it has not stop” it has your may find some people who may be racist but you can’t force them to like you just like you can’t a child to like garlic or a sex offender who is chronically sick to say “hey can you please not rape anyone today, can you just stop, your kinda hurting your victims there” do you see how stupid that sounds you see how off my comparisons are. Is the preference that’s all, as wrong as it may be is just a preference.  The truth is, deep down inside fighters against racism are in many ways racists. So my question is what are you really fighting for?

you see a defender defends and conquers, making a mark in history, a fighter fights until they die. There will always be another fight because your point of view has a time limit. A fighter holds a title a not a victory because there will alway be someone bigger stronger. Defend truth, make your mark, teach. Christ was the greatest teacher to ever live, he taught and died defending the truth of his father, of who he was and who we all could become. At what point did he curse, punch, torture or even fought back? Yet He has since been remembered and lives have been blessed because of him regardless of all the doubters. I don’t think we do a great job in educating about race, about why we are different. I don’t think we do a great job about teaching where we actually came from and some of that is the fault of many opinionated teachers.

which by the way if my kid ever gets a teacher that teaches against God or Christ, I will soooo sue that school in a heart beat! That is not their place to speak against what a father and mother or parent is trying to implement on their child. I love teachers, I want to be one that’s why I disagree with such an approach. But any who that will be another blog.

Another Point of View

A cop black or white  did something wrong that seemed racist I must say that burning a city down does not fixed anything. How about trying to love all wanna see love, then love, wanna see justice then be just. Are you being and acting the you would like the world to be or act? Gandhi said “be the change you wanted to see in the world.”

let’s be faithful, just, honest, charitable, humble, friendly, a neighbor, friends, smart, loving, forgiving. Let’s be imaginative, inventive, happy. Can you imagine the world and the humans in that world respecting each other, supporting each other, no poor, no naked, no abuse, no race or color. God calls that Zion.

Can you imagine all people acting their full potential, christ like? what a wonderful world that would be.

The song Imagine by John in which he try to make sound so positive but yet asked the question imagine a world where there is not religion? No I don’t wanna imagine that, that is why we are so mess up right now, there is a huge lack in faith, there is a huge lack in acting on faith. Real believer, real doers of the words and not just hearers only, not just church goers.

I feel like there are more important topics to pin down. Can you imagine if one homeless started to riot and complain on how they are the minority and they do not have all the same rights as others and then go even further to sue the county because they are not being taken care for? Crazy huh? But pretty pathetic as well. How about something more meaningful.

How about a child rioting through the city after she or he has been sexually abuse or a starving child or a woman who has been raped, imagine them complaining and all of them asking for human rights because they were not help? Because they were not care for, they were not treated justly or equally. while we are all bringing old unnecessary subject back to live, why don’t we focus on those who truly need our help? Fight a good fight, feed the hungry, cloth the naked and lift the hands that so miserably hang down.

While America is being blinded by color, the world outside their self-center bubble is fading away. Can we please see the reality of the negative circumstance and act in good deeds. Can we please stop being blinded by color? What kind of agent are you?

God chose this country for a reason, we are the leaders of the world, let’s act like it and if you don’t care then start caring and if you still choose not to care then don’t you dare complain because others don’t like your slothful

God did make all man equally because he will judge all equally since we all have agency. You see every one wants to be treated equally but yet, we don’t act equally the same. Sure we are made all be different shapes, colors and background but we are still sons and daughters of God and if you don’t believe in that  then just wake up and do something good.

God made color to beautify the Earth, somewhere along the line many inherent color on their skin. Stop judging God’s preference in color and stop hating does that do.


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