Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Live

History is the quintessential knowledge to all humans that should help us perform towards perfection in the future. The present is the act of that knowledge, but at times when we bring up the worst in our past it only damages our present and the outcome of the next generation.

Religion has played a vital role in humanity since the day of Adam. God created man in his own image therefore Adam was the first man on earth, Eve the first woman. Do you not think they mingled with God and taught their kids the pure truth of their creator? Of course, they did. They were all very aware of God and their Son Jehovah.

Somewhere along the line of this clear truth and obvious knowledge, time past by making this original truth and fact blurry to a few but not to all. Not to me. I know that God and Christ both live. I know there is a church in which assembles authority and is governed by Christ through a living prophet. Christ’s work will not stop. His gospel, whether you believe in Him or not, will not stop.

His teaching on peace, love, faith, obedience, live eternal will live on forever. Because along in the road through history the truth he taught to those in the beginning have stayed regardless of opinion on other religious beliefs, race, wars, world wars and the now popular “war on opinion of human rights.” His teaching has taught us to be happy, He is perfect and yet many do not listen, do not believe. We listen to other imperfect people, but not Him. His gospel is simple, love one another, be obedient and follow me in FAITH, REPENTANCE, BAPTISM, RECEIVING THE HOLY GHOST AND ENDURING TO THE END.

The way is see it there is nothing wrong to be free, to believe on what you feel is right and respect others for who they are and what they do as long as it is in line with the teaching of Christ. I know that’s bold statement for some of you. But the truth is if we would simply just have faith, believe in him and obey the things which He has asked, then most of the world’s problem would cease to be. Tell me that’s not true and I will come at you with facts and not my “human rights opinion”

Let’s say you rebuttal  because it seems like everyone does and hey, now Christians are being killed for believing in the man who created them and die for him or everyone else carrying about their style of life so much they lose their purpose of living, dragging everyone down with them. But hey who am I to judge? We should respect “human rights” regardless of the damage it may cost to others, right? Before I go on to proving my point I just want you to think about the difference of HUMAN RIGHTS V.S HUMAN OPINION.

okay now unto my point.


Here are the major reasons why the world has been doing bad and we are still doing badly in those topics even after both Heavenly Father and Christ teach that such abomination is wrong. We still have yet to apply our rights even after our past tell us we are wrong.

1. Pornography, idolatry, lusting, sex before marriage, same-sex attraction, war.

Okay okay before you get mad, shut down my blog and take away my right of freedom of speech because your emotion got hurt and feel that your human right are better than mine or others, I will explain. But first just keep this thought in your mind. We believe that Satan is the leader and creator of lies, deception, the enemy of all bad, wrong evil call it what you may. And our little grumpy enemy has power to do whatsoever he pleases because like you, he is allowed to make choices, usually bad ones but nonetheless he has that capability to do so and to do whatever he wants BUT, there is,  our hot-headed meatball friend does not have A BODY.

So what do the 5 points on top have to do with satan? Well, a lot because all the sins on top which Christ taught not to do deal with none other, anyone wants to guess? That’s right, your body!

pornography/idolatry/lusting: destroying homes, marriages, minds, lives and is highly addictive attacking the P factor in your brain (which makes you want more and more and the only way to satisfy your addictive is to have stronger doses of your drug.) This can lead to mistreating your body in so many different ways. More than anything it spits vomit on the sacredness of marriage and procreation. It makes fun of life itself for counterfeit pleasure.

anyone who has ever watched a pornography site has lusted before going in there. Those who have marriages had already cheated on their spouse both in the mind and in the heart. It is way more than the outer physical aspect that is being affected, it first comes within. Marriage is broken and if kids are involved they are more likely to end the same way.

“But is my body, I can do whatever I want” actually no, is not. Not even close. First and foremost that body was lend to you, heck you were bought with a price which (Corinthians 6:19-20) is the blood of christ. Can you really not see what is going on? Christ lay down his life, his body for you to live in this life so that you can live in the next. Satan can’t even get close to suffering for you, heck he only wishes for you to be miserable like unto himself. Satan is destroying two things the body that Christ gave you (which he wants christ death to become vain.) and your freedom to choose. If you are addicted you cannot choose anything else, you are bound. But you can choose to ask for help.

I don’t know how a man could ever cheat on his wife. I don’t know how a woman could ever cheat on her husband. And if any of them were sealed in the temple, for you I have wept bitter tears.

sex before marriage: the sacred intimacy between a man and a woman is so wonderful and meaningful but, unfortunately, recreational sex is not that and unfortunately those who think that is okay because they ” love each other” are more confuse than satan himself. Loving someone does is not the same as having sex and just because you love someone does not mean you need to sleep with them. I love my church leaders, my father and brothers, my sister and mother. That sure as heck does not mean I need to be sleeping around. Plus if you really love them why can you simply commit to marrying them. Most are willing to take virtue but are not strong to take vows, why the heck would you want to sleep with someone who’s that weak?

Sex before marriage brings about disease addictions and according to several studies in which I wrote about on other blogs, children born out-of-wedlock have shown to be the most brutal, aggressive and problematic in the world. The studies show that more that 50% of the world’s population has been born out of wedlock and most criminals and people in which are in carcerated were born out-of-wedlock.

can you not see the jealousy of satan’s inability to have a body has cause other to ruin their and the life of their posterity? hey but their cute, fun, hot and you love them…. right?

then the pregnancy brings about other abomination, abortion. The child pays the price whether they are born or not given the chance too. How can anyone stay arose after thinking of the consequence or believing in christ and his commandments.

same-sex attraction: let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended, really. This is how I would like to start!) any Christian, heck anyone who claims to have a good moral mindset would never discriminate anyone. As far as I can tell, Christ first and for most loves all his children that does not mean he loves all their decisions. I would care the same way and help the same way a man or woman whether they are gay or not. I would not support the bad choices of them either nor their sexual incorrectness.

the same  that sex before marrige is wrong, so I same sex intimacy. with that said I only agree that man and woman are the only ones who should marry.

This has been an issue that has caused much trouble. But with the outmost respect to both parties who contradict each other I say why can’t we just follow and keep the commandments. How is it that we can constantly judge and bully. But, how is it that gays and lesbian ask for such a sacred even as marriage when one is given by God for man and woman to be wed together. not the other way around. How can anyone not see that otherwise is not only a sin but a full on paradox?

actions of same-sex attraction deals with the body again. It goes against the laws of procreation it’s self. How can one now fight their urge to do what is right, to accept who they really are rather than what their sexual desire makes them think they are? They want a marriage and a family but how can they ask for such a thing when their whole life and choice of partnership for such things are a 100% contradiction to that? Are we really that blind that we cannot not see that? Human rights cannot not be force with the essence of sexuality opinion nor by going against the nature of procreation itself, the nature that made them. can we at least respect that?

war: logical thinking and saying goes that in order to have something you must pay the price. I don’t fully agree with that and as far as it being logical, I believe is far from genius.

War has been fought before the world was. The scriptures teach us that there was a war in heaven and the Book of Mormon teach a lot about the sacrifice of war. “There would be wars and rumors of war” and it is so in our day. No wonder that God chose a war captain to write the most truthful doctrine man has ever encounter. The Book of Mormon was written for our days.

but is there really a need for war? For politics? A need to fight and die? Why can we just have peace. Why can’t we just follow Christ? Is so easy all the answers are right in front of us but dang it we are so proud to listen. Why? I don’t think is logical to die in order to gain freedom. The logical thing would be to love one another, keep the commandments and acknowledge him who governs the world him who die for us all. What KING OR PRESIDENT HAS EVER DIE OR WILL DIE FOR HUMANITY? None but yet we vote for them and we don’t have the audacity to even follow christ of his teachings


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