Change?… Why?

Besides the certainty that God the Father and Jesus Christ are very much real and very much alive, there is another certainty that one cannot ignore, TIME PASSES BY. What does time have to do anything with change? Well, everything.

I know, I know to broad of an answer but stay with me here. Think about it, no matter what we do in our lives, the next day will come that will turn into night just to go back and be day again. We cannot change that, time will pass by with the seasons whether we like it or not. However, we do have the ability to adjust and change within time. Have I lost you yet?

During Sunday school the other today we spoke on change for us LDS come with the promises we make with God through baptism and other covenant. Many of us think that achieving a certain goal or duty that certified us as a changed person. As one brother put it “we constantly ask why are thing not going the way we want, why are thing the same? How come I am not achieving what I want? Well, what changes are you making in order to get or maintain what you what?” He could not have put it better than that. Time is a constant moving train and the only way to anywhere is by hoping in it while is moving, not running fast enough to hop in will leave you behind.

I recently posted a picture of a traffic sign with arrows directing roads to over six different ways with words that read “good luck!” life without Heavenly father and Christ would be just like that. There is always a right path were we ought to walk but we choose not to do so because we are scared of what changes it would bring down the road. We therefore doubt first then look for other ways to get what we want when in reality all we needed to do was change.

A friend of mine who use to be a phycologist shared the story of a woman who had been married to seven men and was now divorced to all of them. As she would get treatment she seem to find specific faults about every one of her Ex- husbands every time that my friend would show her one of their pictures. During one particular appointment he decided to do the opposite. Instead of showing her the individual picture of each man, he would show her the description on how she had described each man and in the back of the description would be the picture of that man. So as the test began she read the first description, “that’s easy, that’s such and such, he’s alway been like this and like that.” She said, but to her amazement she had describe she wrong man, in fact she had all of them wrong. You see the problem where not so much the men that she had married, but rather it was her! She was refusing to change and did not want to admit she needed too. She would blame everything on her husbands and when she got tired she moved on and got a new one thinking everything would be fine. Without change you will always have one problem, YOU!

Do you know someone who continues to be  the same after year years of knowing them yet they have always want to have a better life? I know a few, I don’t know how they could live with themselves, living days by day with time passing them by and not getting the things they want because they refuse to take a different route. Albert Einstein said “insanity is to continuing doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results every time.”

We all have the tendency to want to be happy right? Is just the normal human desire but when we tend to hold on to the ” regular ” little progression happens. Is so ironic that Christ died for us, to be better, to be the very best we can be. How many people have died for you so you could simply be the very best? Yet many don’t believe in Him heck many don’t even believe in God the Father period, they rather believe in some darn big bang theory but all I have to say about that is, who created the elements and cause the bang to happen? You see at times we are not narrow minded with what we don’t like and become opiniated rather than use our minds and become powerful thinking people and we let those opinions drag us along, not letting us change or even worst, we let our opinions change us and not us making the change to what we know is right. Change is meant to be hard and at times that mean putting our feelings and our opinions aside and do what is right.

Many of the changes today are so dramatic they could be compared to bullish actions. People are forcing others  to believe in their ways because is not right, is not “human rights” when they don’t really see the major damage they are causing. Human right change or proposition should be for the good of all, not just an specific group with opinions let along having their being force down into the lives of others. We should know what is right and what is wrong despite of opinion and we should know why things are wrong or why things are right, but I guess the why is not tough to often. Knowing the why will help you make the right change or choice.

Growing up we are told what to do and what not to do but very little are we tough why to do or not to do those things. We are in the generation of “human rights” while no one is giving a crap about God, WHY? We get away from what we don’t like and never change, but yet we continue doing the same things over and over again, blaming the job, the church, people, the gym or even the cat for crying out loud! But what about you?

Heavenly father gave us commandments to help US be better to change our natural ways, to improve our weaknesses and we all have those no matter how satisfied we are with our lives. There is an order to all things, order that is far greater than all of us and when we decide to change, that change should strive to be according to that specific order.

You know… I will never understand one thing. Christ was the only man to walk this earth as a perfect human, he even left disciples to teach us how he was so perfect and how we can become just like him, Perfect! Why on Earth are  people not flocking to be more like him is a mystery I will never understand. I will say this final thought, if you ever do decided to make a change in your life, a good change, a better change, the best you can be kind of change, I would suggest following the only perfect man who ever walked this earth and I promise your changes will be amazing, better yet extraordinary. He has always been there even when you have not felt Him or seen Him. The better you, will always be with Christ, is so simple, but the choice is on you, it is your journey so don’t started with the left foot and if you have, then finish it right.


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