Keeping the Gospel V.S Living The Gospel

I been giving this topic a lot of thought. What struck this idea came from the question of why do people either not progress in the gospel or struggle with some many things within the Gospel of Christ. As I pondered more and more I reflected on my own growth and struggles. I had to be fair and honest in how I did this, so, I went down a mental list of all the things I struggled with or things I use to struggle with. The results were amazing!

I realized that the things I use to struggled with were not an issue any more. Things that at one point where so difficult for me to keep have become disgusting for years now. I don’t even get tempted anymore for those things. I then realize the reasoning for this, it hit me and made so much sense.

In my mission I learned  to keep all the commandment and I was able to get a testimony of them. Once I got a testimony, I continue to learn and expand on the knowledge I had. I fell in love with the blessings that I was getting and how my was going. I was and I am still so happy because of the choices I have made.

I was hooked, keeping the commandments stop being something I needed to do and became who I was and because of that, because of my love for the savior and the eagerness to be more like him, my life became the gospel. Do you get that? Those that make sense to you?

Think of it like dieting, when you are dieting to lose weight you end up going through a series of exercises and healthy eating. Once the weight goal is achieved most people stop what they were doing and become complacent with themselves, keep their weight for a while and then fall back. Why? Why not continue to live healthy? Eat healthy, exercise heck maybe even tone your body, why not make your life a healthy one? Why not live instead of keep living with the same routine?

Things that you need to keep up with and maintain will alway need maintenance and always hardly improves or growths but things that you make a part of your daily living will continue to improve, growth mainly because you will be applying three things, humility to learn and the principle of enduring to the end.

Once we make the decision to start living the gospel and not just keep the commandments we will see things differently, still with life’s burdens but different in happiness, joy and full of purpose. However I do invite all to keep the commandments, it is the best way to a life full of joy, not just happiness.

There are alway four things that our general authorities advise us to do in order to live the gospel.

1. Pray and be consistent in it. We are in a world that is more connected now than it has been, we can literally communicate across the world with the push of a button but yet many don’t communicate with the creator of all things, with Him who created those that made the devices…

2. Read the scriptures, “seek words of wisdom” learn of christ, his gospel, read, study, read study, I can’t stress that enough. Be diligent but don’t rush either.

3. Have family home evening. I must say at times is hard for my wife and I to have FHE on a Monday, but we try, and we get creative since is just the two of us for now. That’s no excuse however, at a stake conference a general authority called members to the stand so that they can share their testimony on how FHE has bless them. A lovely sister from my ward mention on how she does not have a family, is just her and her dogs, but every monday, she sings and read with them. She said she does so because is a commandment and the prophets have asked us to do so!… I later spoke to her and gave her thanks for her great example.

4. Attend the temple, my missing president though me how the road to an investigator really ends at the temple. This is so true! I now work there every Friday and when I got the interview the temple president kept focusing on how the life of many that worked there changed right away. This is so true, I have only been there for a month but it seems like i have alway gone and work there, I can’t seem my self not working at the temple.

you are literally working for God in his house, what better way to be a servant, but I also understand that no many can work, but you could attend, wheather  is your family that your taking or doing the work for someone else, please go, it is the best way for me to keep enduring, keep learning. The temple is a never-ending book that is alway ready to teach you something new and amazing.

live the gospel, let go of the things that hold you back. The gospel is easy to live, it is the best way to live because you are living accordingly Heavenly Father’s standards, and although we are not perfect, living the gospel helps us become perfected in him. We learn to live the way we were meant to live according to who we are and where we come from.





One thought on “Keeping the Gospel V.S Living The Gospel

  1. Please do understand that I don’t mean to offend anyone, everyone is in a different path with different struggles in their live. I am not perfect in any way but my intentions where to express my testimony of Christ, His whole gospel and everything in between is true and is divine. Following His principles and those tough by His chosen leader will change your life, will make you happy. You will see things how they really are. Those who know that that phrases means more than it’s literal meaning.

    I hope we can all embrace the good by eliminating the bad. The bad tends to dwell, so what would make you think that the good cannot linger? Give it a try like I did, get to know HIM!


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