Hello New Years, I want to be the best in your future.

Now that we have introduced a new year with lots of food, family time and many, many overplayed Christmas and holiday music, we can simply take the time to sit and ponder on 20-14 about the things we accomplished. That’s right, a whole year, what have your learned? What have you accomplished?

I’m sure a few gain weight, lost weight, got bad grades, pass a difficult class, came back from a mission, went on a mission, lost jobs, got a raise, other got divorce and many got married or sealed. Whatever last year brought the truth is that 2015 will be enhanced by 2014 for example if you had a child in November is obviously that this year you will more than likely raise the baby this year. The same for anything else. But the big question is, what will you do this year to become your best self?

We will share some pointers that can help the masses by doing simple things each day. All of this things have been mention before and they have proven me that they work. They don’t only work, but they have gotten me closer to the savior, that’s right GOD and they help me see things how they truly are. Now I must warn you, it is important that you at least believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Be open-minded and have a desire to change, to be more literal, you will need  to a have a desire to change for the better. Always be in the journey to be your best self.

1. Wake up with a prayer, pray for your food, pray when you go to bed, hey, pray whenever you need to. Pray is a literal communication with Heavenly father, what a powerful and humbling thing that is. The creator of all things, willing to communicate with us? that’s awesome! Heck, some business owners never even get to shake hands with their employees that are making them money.

Remember He and His Son govern all the earth so it just makes sense to get a council or two from Him because whether you like it or not he is your Father, and He knows best! He also knows you more than your own self so the odds of him knowing what is best for you are higher than what you think. It is a communication meaning he will respond back. At times, he will do so in his own time and in his own way but He is there listening and replying.

Many stay away from praying because they think is too good to be true or they have tried it but they “didn’t feel anything”, well not all prayers are meant for you to feel things, there are meant to show gratefulness, repent, give thanks, ask questions or guidance and at times the answer to such things come in time, come in events and so forth. I beg you pray from the bottom of  your heart, be honest and I promise you that you will find the things that you are looking for… Also keep in mind that at times, those things will need to be in accordance with the lord. JUST TRY IT, PRAY!

2. READ DAILY SCRIPTURES, I have come to find that everyone, every single person in this life has five to twenty minutes to spare, and you know why because Heavenly Father wants you to know Him and His Son. They want you to succeed NOT fail, they want you to know  the truth and the truth is within the scriptures, the Bible, The book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants choose from the “best of books words of wisdom” read them study them.

I usually pray before I read in order to receive guidance and invite the spirit of Him whom I will learn about. At first it may seem boring at least it was for me until I REALIZED that I did not understand and the reason why I did not understand was because I did not take time to simply think about what I read, I also didn’t ask any questions, remember when you read you are learning, I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS, you learn and grow think about those two words, think about what you will be learning and why you will grow.

Scriptures can help you with any problem you may have and will help you coupe with sickness, not heal you but help you. It will help you shape who you are and how you act. President Packer from the Quorum of the twelve Apostles teaches
“True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior.
The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior. Preoccupation with unworthy behavior can lead to unworthy behavior. That is why we stress so forcefully the study of the doctrines of the gospel. (Elder Boyd K. Packer ‘Little Children’, October 1986 General Conference.)

3. Attend the Temple as much as possible, at least once a month. If you can’t do so, keep yourself pure and worthy so that you can one day do so. My mission president taught me that and investigator (investigating the church) finishes his/her investigation in the Temple. For members, keep your covenants, learn them, study them and you will find the prolific debt you inherit when you decided to get baptize, learn it and rejoice in it. For those who have not made any covenants, speak to and LDS missionary or call me or email me. The temple keeps us center in the better things to come, the better world, the better us.

4. SET AND RESET GOALS as many times as you need too. I see this all the time, people make a goal, give it a try and then give up. President Monson teaches us that “Goals reflect the desires of your heart” if I may ask, how strong is your heart? If you for some reason had to stop running for a day or two when your goal was to run six days a week, breaking your goal, get back on the pavement, don’t quit just resume. Set another goal instead. set goals that you can achieve and then set other goals that can continue to help you grow. Failing in continuing your goals becomes a metal thing, a thing that scares you keeping you away from fulfilling the goals in mind! I promise you that if you the things above, your heart and mindset will change you will become your best little by little, BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT! Good things come in time even if you win the lotto right now, you would still had had to wait to a proper time for your to even play! Heck, God create the world in seven days. Be patient  but diligent. Remember Aesop’s fable of the tortoise & the Hare? Slow and steady wins the race or in this case, wins 2015!


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