Pilgrims and Pioneers

Just last week my parents invited my wife and I to join them in a Thanksgiving celebration at their church building. The room was filled with the seasons decorations of all kinds. Men, women, boys and girls dress up as pilgrims and a few indians and some as, Pioneers? Needless to say I felt the holiday spirit.

There was a presentation and then a dinner. I was expecting the same old pilgrim story, you know, the right one, where pilgrims came looking for a better place to live searching for religious freedom. As the show moved forward my assumptions became reality and I sat back and pretended to listen.

As soon as I was about to clap and get ready for the feasting, those who were presenting changed the whole entire performance and connected the LDS Pioneers to their presentation. It made so much sense Pilgrims and Pioneer where both seeking for a better life, a life where they can seek their God freely and undisturbed. A life where their families could enjoy and work hard for their greatest desire without the cunning influence from the doubters.

As many of us know Pilgrims are accused for being murders and terrorist among other things. The truth is, no one really knows. With that said, it is ignorant to say that they were savages  and came to the Americas for blood. Who knows who started any battle but I will say if it was not the pilgrims then the others had it coming considering their lack of weaponry. That battle or as others like to call it “murder” was only going go one way regardless of the instigator.

I am grateful for the Pilgrims they were prepared people and I mean prepare in their hearts for a better future. They were brave people seeking for a place to have the light of Christ shine. Most people now in days don’t even want to leave their parent’s home to go to work, so an insult at Pilgrims is ludicrous and vain. This free world (U.S.A) came with a price and it’s true actual standard (not the standard the our ‘great leaders’ are standing for now in days) was the thing that made this country wonderful and what would later become something even greater, the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

After many years of the first settlement other Pioneers came along but this time their faith and destination was clear, build Zion. The Mormon Pioneers and early Latter Day saints where also persecuted and many even murder just because they believe Christ in  peculiar ways, many choosing not to understand their purpose. They persevere through all trials and helped build God Kingdom on Earth. One build a country and one build Zion, both

Our Pioneers came from different walks of life, beliefs, cultures, upbringing, race, color and countries. Their purpose was to reach Zion  and be among many other Saints. They wanted to prosper and to be able to have all the ordinances they wanted and needed with ease. Like any other great sacrifice, it came with a prize, a hefty one at that since some Pioneers never saw their dreams come true on earth however, they have in heaven.

I am grateful for both Pilgrims and Pioneer of the Church because one found the land of freedom and set for the mark for the restoration of God’s only true Church and the other stablished the restorations. All because God is worth it, because Christ lives, and he died for us. For us, for you. How many people do you know that will die for you right now? Be real? But they knew it and fought for it. They had a testimony of truth  and for this testimony, they were grateful and I am grateful because none of us would be here if it was not for them.

So be grateful for what other have sacrificed for you. You are living in a world that was build on sacrifice. We too will come together at one point and will find the need to sacrifice things for those who will come after us. For the future. For our children and families. Christ did that for us and the Father gave him up. Happiness will always face the future with a smile and smile proudly but not do not forget that behind that happiness there was much grief and much and pain.

I am also grateful for this country, God choose it for the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How awesome is that?! Pilgrims and Pioneers have made this country and many other wonderful things follow. So this Thanksgiving I invite all of you to think on how Heavenly Father has blessed you by being in this country, really, think about it, think about the blessing and think on how he made ways for the gospel to be restore. The blood life of this country is God’s own choice. Regardless of what men may do, His work will move forward and he will always choose those very special individuals to grow his kingdom. Pilgrim, Pioneer I will follow if it had to happen all over again, and I would be thankful for it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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