A Mormonrabilia to The World

As many of you know, Mormonrabilia is fully dedicated to write, talk, blog, inform, educate all readers about anything LDS. Wether is about a person’s life, their story or even a fictional story is all the same, it will have the foundation and principles of Christ and the LDS Church. However, Mormonrabilia is NOT an official representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We just  love everything LDS and love sharing everything possible about our religion, faith and culture.

First and for most, I am James Collins, founder of Mormonrabilia. I decided to create this blog because I feel that the topics above  need to be written and shared. I was really delighted when the Church brought the movie MeetTheMormons because it focuses on the very essence of what Mormonrabilia is trying to do, show the world who we are as individuals and how or why our core value in life is Christ, families and a lot of wholesome fun! There is only one difference between the movie idea and what I am trying to do, well two or three, my team is a whole lot smaller (just me and sometimes my wife helps with some ideas, but hey she is part of the team!) we are not just writing about six marvelous people…Our writing continues. Oh yeah, and again, we are NOT official representative of the Church, so if there are any mistakes  it is totally on me, but I will do my very best not to mess up.

As many may find going to church on Sunday, doing service, spending time with family and missionary work weird or ‘out of their norm’ we LDS are accustom to these activities. We also believe that there is a Prophet among men, he’s alive too! I believe this and will die knowing is true. Think about that for a second, do you really think that in the most advance, most exciting, most  and prolific period of human existence that God and His Son would not bring about their Gospel to the world? Let alone his organize Church? These are wonderful times and even more wonderful to be a Latter-Day Saint and since the world is more connected than any other time in the history of humans, it is only logical to share what we are, who we are, what we do and I this will then go into, where we come from? To Where are we going?

For me, both the fulness of the Gospel is at hand, just like our mobile device… So, there is no reason why not to share the love and the truth of who we really are. I hear by declare November 14th, Mormonrabilia Day! This endeavor is to focus on the life of members of the church, both in history and now, it could be anyone as long as it has a meaningful principle of the gospel in it and how that individual has changed your life or improve it. You can also create your own story with the emphasis of a principle that means a lot to you. I hope however, that we can all share some kind of inspirational message or story for years to come on any given day. So come on, let’s read what you have to write.


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