The Optimist

The reason that Pessimists don’t work out in life and are never right is do to the simple fact that they lack seeing the same brightness as you do, they don’t see the final results because their eyes are closed. And since their eyes are always close this explains their negative notion; even more a pessimist is bios, jealous and close minded always walking the same lonely road kicking the same can of energy drink, thinking they can continue through life with their arms folded with a Grinch like attitude.

An Optimist always sees ahead, he or she plans, hopes, act on faith regardless of their religious believes, understandings or favoritism to God. He or she tend to see things as they really are but at this notion I feel freely to say that an Optimist, a real Optimist at one point or another will succeed in all their endeavor because the truth is that a real Optimist has Optimism because he or she do the will of the Lord and they know that by archiving the will of Him who gave the Optimist the ability to chose to begin with, will grant them Eternal Life, in which there is no greater gift.

So, why the reason to be a pessimist? When truly if a single eye lid was to be open, only a beacon of light and opportunity will embrace the vast universe of happiness and potential. Truly Satan is the ruler of all negativity and fear while God in all his righteousness and Holiness is the king, yet, the creator of all Optimistic possibilities having no fear and leading with faith. It is correct and profound to say that they who are real Christian are the brave ones, for the Optimist diminishes fear and uplifts he who is weak. The Optimist reaches to God and never falters. He stays true who he actually is and who he actually represents, never letting the pressure or weight of the world on his or her shoulder weaken them. Truism is Optimism. Optimism is brought by an Optimist, so in essence Christ is the ONLY source of truth and light or in other words, he is the great example on how to be an Optimist


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