The Aftermath of G.C

After the President Monson and the rest of the General authorities spoke to the whole world on Saturday and Sunday for 10 wonderful and memorable hours, one could easily ask, what’s next?

Well, a lot actually, we need to now apply all the things that were mention (that is if you are almost perfect and don’t need any reminders on how to be better) during each session. I’ll give you a quick reminder of some topics that i really enjoyed and picks that helped me see thing a lot more clearly.

looking with-in- by president Uchtdorf
He illustrated the importance of looking at ourselves first instead of judging others. This could even be applicable to animals.

which way to turn to – by Elder Robins
I love Elder Robins ever since he came to my mission for a stake conference. he is brilliant and teaches in such a way that children could understand. He prove this by sharing with us the path we sometimes take, and how we should be careful of those path.

Family home evening and simple things: by Elder Scott
It was a peaceful reminder of the very simple essence of things that helps us be on the right path, prayer in the morning and at night, family home evenings, church meetings, reading scriptures daily. This things help me everyday and help me grow more each day.

The Sacrament: by Elder Hemuela
this is topic that is always mention in one way or another but not to often is it the climax of the talk. I loved this talk because it once reminded me of what the savior did for all, but it sparked the light of how diligent he was. He did so much for all, so much for me. When did he even rest? Does he even rest? His diligence motivates me to ponder and think of the rewards later. Thank you Elder Hemuela for all you have done for me. You know what I mean.

A President Monson reminded us, ” conference is much more effective when conference is over.” Think about it, when you would arrive home from school (if you are or where in school) time was set aside to practice what you learned from your teacher. We call that homework and homework is given because, well repetition is the law of learning and how does the saying go? “Practice makes perfect.” But wait, didn’t Christ say something along the lines of ” Therefore be there ye perfect as I or even as my Father who is in Heaven, is Perfect.” Something like that right? So that’s why we study the scriptures and general conference, because we need to become perfect in Christ.

Also we need to keep in mind that when a prophet speaks or apostle speaks, it becomes doctrine. If this is shocking to you just ask your lovely self a question or two, “Where the people who wrote the bible and the book of Mormon prophets and apostles?” YES! They were so what’s the difference when one speaks, consoles and teaches now? Nothing but doctrine.

I know that studying conference is a diligent task even studying the scriptures are because it requires time from our busy lives. However, I promise you that setting aside the time to do so will bless you in so many ways. It will also deepen your understanding of the Gospel and knowledge of Christ and Heavenly Father, in essence your relation ship with them will grow and strengthen. THAT’S SO AMAZING, you get to have a relationship with the creator of all things. We are talking about the most powerful being ever to exist or even be spoken of that’s a wonder all on it’s own because some people don’t even have a relationship with their bosses, or parents and at times, with their own spouse. Ponder on that beautiful notion.


It starts in the morning for me. I get up, pray, exercise, and study one chapter a day. I am on the Old Testament now, you may be doing something else. On Sundays I try taking the time to read at least one talk. It does not always work like that for me but at least I still read. That’s key for me, to never stop learning.

Every one’s schedule is different but the scriptures are patient and are always available to you at any given time of the day just for you. In a world where at times it may seem difficult to stay afloat, the life vest of doctrine can give us the rest we need so that we get to the shores of Ever Lasting Life.


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