Remember, Remember: A Bold letter to keep in mind

Two decades and seven plus years ago, I made a promise. I was to come down, find the truth, live it, love it and make sure I helped others do so as well. This quintessential mission in which it involves just about everyone who has ever been in the womb of a woman, was not going to be easy, but it was going to be worth it. And  if I choose to succeed in this mission, I and every one else is promise to be led or be re-direct to a  path, to another, yet brilliant beginning that no other ,but One, in all the human existence could get even close to imagine. The reward for this successful mission would be to live and return to the phosphorescent presence of the creator, my God everyone’s God.

Somewhere along the line of what He called mortality, the crossing path of adversity would come to me and anyone who choose and accepted this mission. So if you are living on Earth right now, it is more than likely that you too have stumble upon questionable paths which have led you to think, What am I doing here? Where do I even come from? Where would I even go after I relinquish from this existence? Yet we still decided to come here. Most of us however don’t remember, that’s where the challenge rises.

We knew there would be sickness, death, betrayal, liars, cunning of man, deception, envy, bloodshed of the innocent, hunger, thirst, natural calamities that came with the imperfect world we would be in. There would be false teachers, and false creators, claimers of truth who fail to live righteously. Worse of all there would be confusion of every kind. And where confusion is, truism ceases. Amidst all of these things, the creator and master of all, promised that there would be a teacher, a guide who would redirect the path of obscurity into a beacon of light, making sure that we would have every instrument needed to build the crunches that would hold us up for the narrow and ever so lengthy path which he called, Salvation.

The truth is that we have become wonderers of a forgettable past moving into the future while never remembering who we were. We now live in a time where machines guide many of our lives and much of our schedules. We have become forgettable and have made history to be forgotten. We have forgotten the very promise we all made before we came here.  The past has surely become, mundane. In a time where the word remember as began to sound more like a demand. People have forgotten their values, moral identity along with moral behavior. Many fallen government and fallen people, from a king named David, to the moral disturbance of him called, Obama. From church goers all the way to the cunning of heathens, we have forgotten. Sad to see a generation where women seem to forget half their cloth when they leave their homes and men forget to honor their mothers only to lead them to demoralize their wives.

We all as individuals of times, of nation, governments and would-be immortal and Eternal civilians, knew the thorny path we were about to embark, yet we choose to come. We now live in the very essence of what we knew would happen, yet, we complain, we murmur and criticize, many turning their backs on Him who they once called, Master, brother, even, friend. But our thoughts, our hearts and voices, now our actions match our imperfect state in which we were carefully taught about. We do this even after all the promises given to us and have been revealed. So then, since the teacher and guide as already come and the path is already clear, why do we still blame him for the things we have chosen to do wrong? For as far as I remember, we were built with the mechanism to act, to achieve and even the great and powerful ability, to choose, a power, the only power, we brought down with us from the presence of the creator, agency. We had this ability then as we do now, all that are here were great chooser of obedience, the first law of what our creator calls, heaven. So if we kept the great law, then great we were. But are we if we don’t remember and if we don’t obey?

So I make a pledge for all the citizens of humanity, stop being hypocrites, remember your creator, remember the promise you made and those he made for you. That if we follow the creator we will succeed our mission down here on the world called, Earth. Only joy, happiness, peace and everlasting glory of real and true perfection will be rewarded. Remember the warnings and the signs. Remember your responsibilities and remember the blessing. Remember who you are, where you come from and who you represent, because so far many are failing the mission the creator called, Mortality. Remember that we were told we would make mistakes in our mission, but that we would still be able to succeed if we choose too by keeping our promise to listen and follows the teacher, our guide, also know as the savior, creator or even Jesus Christ. remember to keep your promise and to help others who have forgotten who they really are. Remember your promise, because He has not forgotten His.

So how can we remember who we truly are? Read the scriptures, Search diligently and pray to your God in heaven, for these are the words in which he has given unto you to remember. Put your doubts and even pride to the side and read, for how can we remember if we don’t search the scriptures? In the words of the wise and righteous King Benjamin when he spoke the prolific sermon to his people, the Nephites, “remember, remember that these things are true; for The Lord God hath spoken it” (Mosiah 2:41).


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