Missionary Finding Methods for Finding Your Elternal Spouse

image Just last Sunday I was asked to speak to a Single Adult Group… I was later told I would speak to about 50 or 60 people. I took the challenge and began to seek guidance on what to speak about. After much prayer and thought, I decided I would speak on using missionary finding methods to find an eternal companion.

When Sunday rolled around, I felt ready, confident and happy to speak on the subject, but when the moment came, I realized that it was only 5 to 6 people who usually showed up and they were mostly 50 and 60 years old… My veins began throbbing and my shiny bald head began to perspire. I began to ask my self all sort of questions, did I choose the wrong topic? Should I change it now? Should I talk about my blog?

After a nice, short meal, all ten of us (including my wife and I) walked into the relief society room. I then felt like I need to move forward with what I had. The room felt like it was getting smaller, my sweat getting heavier and my suit tighter, but with that said, the message turned out fine after some guidance from the spirit. I really thought the message was important and although it may sound a bit humorous, cheesy and awkward, having a returned Missionary (me) using finding methods to find a spouse really worked for me. So, here it is, this is what I shared to them (at least what I had ready)…

As Missionaries we could not baptize the whole world. One, we were given a language to speak in and we had specific areas to work on. But regardless of the language and the area, we were always able to baptized someone. Here are some of the finding methods we used that help us find people to baptized:

– Knock doors every day

– Talk to people in the streets/ restaurants

– Ask for referrals by members

– Hope that Salt Lake would send us a random referrals

– Have Family Home Evening and member’s home

We tried more ways but these were some that brought us the most success. I know that using some of these techniques may not be the best ones when approaching and searching a girl/ boy. But like the mission, one of these worked best for me.


Just like the mission: you are in many ways limited to those you can find (depending on the area.) specially if you’re in a specific are because of school, but this does not mean you can’t be happy, maybe this is how you will find her/ him.

So one, if you really want to have an eternal companion that means you need to look no further than in, the one and only true church that provides and makes the ordinances for eternal salvation. Being worthy to the temple should be in your top list as well because if not, then what is the point? I have listened to some many people say, ” I found the perfect girl/boy, they are smart, they are studying blah, blah, blah and they are some what spiritual or even worse, they are not members. I stand very strong behind this and I do not mean to upset anyone but if you’re not heading towards eternal marriage then what is the point? And of course I speak to those who are capable in doing so.

In Moses we read that the glory of God is the bring to pass immortality and Eternal life to man, we will live in the presence of heavenly father and Jesus Christ by being sealed so if you are ABLE to do so, do  it. Do what ever you can to make this possible.


I understand that for many complicated reason one may not be able to be married or one had not found their eternal someone, but the truth is that your prayers, hope, faith will bring you blessings, for some it will be after this life.

But my address is more towards those who can but don’t and make it more complicated than it needs to.


I also realized that maybe going to door to door looking for a spouse might be a bit awkward (but now in days I would not be surprised) and somewhat creepy.

I met my wife using the best missionary finding method out there, by referral from a member, my brother Jonathan. Now, I also knew I could not married every one so instead of being so picky ( we tend to find perfection in a future spouse when your sense of perfection does not eve exist in heaven.) to the extend of missing the point. I focused on two things, she had to be worthy and in tune with the spirit, to be able to go inside the temple, and I wanted a return sister missionary. Kim had all of these qualities however did not limit myself towards a missionary, pathetic things like race, degree, height, oh and check this one out, specific types of toes. I have heard somebody say this at one point or another.

If in my mission we would have focused so much on race, physical features and professions we would have never baptized any one. mainly because baptism and covenant making or even the kingdom of God is not shallow.

I am reminded of the talk President Uchtdorf gave called “We are Your Hands” where he states the story of a woman who found a wrinkled twenty-dollar bill, but it was still worth twenty dollars. The worth of souls is definitely worthy it to God. Sometimes being picky is also being judgmental. Look for qualities and worthiness, not materialism and worldliness on your dates.

Another thing that I did with Kim just like I did with finding people to teach, was that I prayed, sought for the approval of heavenly father because the covenant we make in the Temple is not just with my future spouse, but also with my Lord, and that needed approval not matter how much I liked and loved her. So before I even dated Kim I had my answer and well, I’m marry aren’t I? And fully happy too!


Attraction is very important, I did not want to marry someone I was not attracted to both physically and mostly spiritually and vice versa. Although this should not be an issue in the mission, I believe it is important when finding a spouse.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife but the truth is that I was more attracted to Kim’s spirit at first. I even had people notice that and tell me. But the spirit she carried with her made her who she was, it radiated from her, so everything she did and say were moments of “awe” to me.

But what drew me first to her where does two qualities I was looking for, worthiness and a return sister missionaries. When I look to the world I am sadden, Satan is feeling the pressures of time so he is pressing. To have a woman serve God is a rare thing now in days compare to the vast amounts of people out in the world, the light of virtue is staying lid by very few.

On my mission I learned that a missionary was also an Angel because Angel spake by the power of the holy ghost and they also carried a message of truth. Therefore I knew that when I got back home I wanted my Eternal companion to be my very own Angel.


What we really want is someone to make us happy and I  can assure you that some of the ways people are found by missionaries are some of the ways you too can find your Eternal companion. With that said it will always be up to you to apply all the great qualities of a missionary to do this (see Doctrine and Covenant 4:5-6) or to find your eternal happiness. int the words of President Monson “The future is in your hands, the outcome is up to you.” I hope that every single young member of the Church has this goal as a main priority because at the end the Temple is where an investigator stops investigating for they found what they most desires, a chance here on earth to be reunited back to Father.



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