Back to school?

It was always dreadful going back to school each year. It meant that our short summer vacation was gone, and that our late nights and long mornings were over. Each new school year meant that there was always a new rule, new teacher, new annoying kid, new smelly kid and worse of all, the ever overwhelming load of HOMEWORK! Out of all my years as a student, High school was the worst.

Ironically, I now want to become a teacher, I annoyed the heck out of my wife, I sometimes smell and best of all, I work from HOME! I eventually want to become an institute teacher! but for now, Yep you guess it, I live like a teenager!

I have come to a conclusion that anyone who hates school will get to a point of desperation and embarrassment when they realize that their date dump them because their mother paid for their night out. Somewhere between me dropping out of high-school, then getting my diplomat in an alternative school (for rejects and drop-outs), being broke and working at dead-end jobs, I decided that education, and schooling was my best result for getting all the things I’ve ever wanted, a car, a Mac-book and a girlfriend.

Did i succeed? phss, hmm, well, let’s just that I choose the wrong career although I did get a Mac-book which I eventually gave to my little sister. And that’s it…

school was a very weird thing for me, so I never liked going. I felt that there was too much going on. At times, it felt like it was more about the experience of high school than actual education. You see, I loved learning, I love being consumed by unfamiliar knowledge that inspired me, changed me and mold me to become a refined individual; I did not really get that from the public school system, although at times there where teachers who did tried their best. It just never inspired me.

I went to school that was two counties a way from me. I was literally a few blocks away from the ever infamous, “South Beach” in Miami Beach Florida. I had grown up here and although we had move I still wanted to remain in the same school system. I went there for about three years, two out of those three I obtained the best education I could find.

My father would wake up early in the morning and would drive the 30 minute commute each day (not including traffic) so that I would get to school on time, at about 6:45 am. He then would go back home and get my younger sister and brother and would bring them to their school that started much later.

I don’t remember why he did that, but I now think it was because he wanted alone time with his kids. This was for him, the best time in the day to have some quality time for us, any other time he was working diligently to provide the best living he could for our humble family.

During my mission, I cried bitter tears as the spirit reminded me of the sacrifice my father made each morning. I was also reminded of the talks of inspiration my father would have with me. He spoke about everything, the future, being a leader, being strong, a go getter, moral issues, the gospel and anything he could think of that he felt would benefit me. At times, I zoned him out not paying any attention. I think he knew that,but he was loving, hopeful, understanding and very persistent. I was reminded of that as I served the lord and If I would had cried blood instead of bitter tears, I would not had noticed.

It was in those first 30 minutes of my day, the days I did listen, where I received the most vital education in my life, the love and sacrifice of a Father. This was so important but at the time I did not appreciated. I thought it was somethings that parents just did and as much as I did loved him, I did not apply the things he spoke about.

It was these moments of nostalgia that got me through the mission, and now, it has brought me much growth. Later in the years, I dropped out of high-school and of the church. I could not bare the fact that I did that to my parents, putting them in a stage where they felt like failures but I say to them and all parent with wavering children, stay persistent, keep your faith for it was the prayers of my parents that help me come back to church and change my future. I thought it was unique that during my mission, I learned a lot of who I was, how much heavenly father had been with me, along the way of my every single mistake I made. Blessings, sometimes come in different pattern and unpredictable ways. I felt so blessed for having had learned who I was before, during my mission.

I realized that, as I went with the flow while at school, with what I thought were friends, became a striking reality. Most of the kids I hung out with did not have a family like I did, and no, I don’t just mean a Mormon family, I mean a united family. Most of my friend’s parents where either dead, divorce, on the verge of divorce and some were even… abusive. You see, my friends found refuge in slacking at school because they did not have a parent (or at least a strong one) to find refuge and guidance with. I in the other hand had such a loving father and mother, I thought, I could just get away with things because they would love me no matter what. Slacking at school was not a refuge for me, it was just a time to show off.

At times we all seem to act some-what like an over spoiled and loved teenager towards heavenly father as we rebel and not listen to his guidance and make silly mistakes that carries a pouch of regret that spills in the sandy road of one’s shaky future.

School all in all was somewhat fun, and memorable were the first days of schools when you found out that the girl who had broken your heart the prior year was now pregnant or went through some awkward grow spur. Sometimes the teacher you dislike got fired and that new teacher that You thought you hate would be the one who introduces you to power of reading and wonder of writing.

I learned a lot from high-school, mainly, what not to do. I have great hopes the day when I become a professor, Karma does not come and bite me in the butt. I thought I would never say this, but I would do high-school all over again, however, this time I would do it right. I would diligent, make the right friends, date the right girls, GO TO SEMINARY…GO TO SEMINARY, be in clubs, be involve and learn as much as possible. Education will forever be my pursuit both in this earthly life and in the life to come, surely all good knowledge is inspire from him who knows all things.


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