Finding Her in the Temple

As usual, I was thinking about my mission and remembered a story that one of our missionaries shared with me while we were in exchanges, about two couples who lived within our stake.

I remember the story but I can quite remember which Elder shared it with me. To pay respect to that Elder and that couple I will share my very own version of the story without taking away from the climax. I will call the boy Matt and the girl Annie.

They both met again at a young single adult camp out. Both Matt and Annie had serve in the same mission and were now attending school at BYU. During the mission Annie or as her name was then, Sister Berg, was not too fond of Matt or Should I say Elder Strang. Sister Berg had always wanted to serve a mission so it bothered her that He seemed to baptized more with half the effort, everyone loved and admire him, except her. It was not hate she had in her, he just rubbed her the wrong way, but nonetheless she always prayed for those feelings to go away.

Elder Strang in the other hand was a convert to the church and a bit of an odd missionary when it came to age. He was twenty-five but with the same energy as the young nineteen year old’s. He had come from a family of eight in which all were boys and all were recent members just like him.

One day as Sister Berg pondered on how she could overcome her weakness by gaining charity, she realized that they had a lot of things in common. They where both the same age, they had the same amounts of siblings, they both came from humbled beginnings and they both had a great desire to serve the lord. She could not figure it out.

Elder Strang was loud, happy and full of energy, always willing to help and put others before him. It was not until he was called to serve alongside his mission President to be his assistant when sister Berg realized she had a been completely wrong about Elder Strang. He was hard-working, faithful, obedient, she thought. She realized that she was trying to compete with him this whole time for she too was a powerful missionary and somewhere along the way she began to compete with him not realizing she was.

She went up to him one day and told him everything, not knowing what to do and respecting the mission rules, Elder Strang simply extended his hand and said ” don’t worry sister, is my fault, but please be patient with me, I am still working on my character.” He then walked away and they did not see each other until now during their Young Single Adult camp out.

Annie was from New York and Matt was from humble Texas. He had been home for a few month now, while she had just returned a few days prior. They spoke about their mission in Merida, Mexico and all people they met and Baptized. This made Annie remember the negative feelings she had for him during their mission and just like that she began to feel the same way. She did not talk to him the remainder of the camp except for a few hi’s and good mornings. She cried for she could not understand why she had those negative feelings to begging with.

After the week-long camping trip was over, their bishop thought it would a great idea if everyone would go home, get change and meet at the temple for the last Saturday session. Some where too tired and stayed back although Matt and Annie decided to follow their bishop along with others.

While at the Temple, in the Celestial room, some of the few that went sat and enjoy the unique marvelous spirit that dwells there. Both Matt and Annie sat across from each other in opposite sides of the room. They both prayed and gave thanks to Heavenly Father for many things as well they both asked for many things. One thing in particular was for an eternal companion that they could meet and be married and sealed for all time and all eternity. As they both prayed, they ask where particular could they meet such a person when suddenly, they both heard the still small voice of the spirit as it whispered, “no where”.

Now more confuse than ever and wondering if Heavenly Father even wanted them to get married, they both finished their prayer with tears in their eyes and as they both lifted their heads, the two tearful and humbled eyes got in contact and once again, just as fast, they both heard that sweet spirit say “You have met already.”

It was soon after that still small voice were Annie realized that the felling she was having did not come from her but rather the adversary trying to stop something that could be Eternal.

They of course, would both become Eternal companions, receiving all the blessings which the Father have. They both now live a happy and wonderful life and even have a few kids of their own, making their home into an MTC.

May we too keep our hopes, our hearts, our minds open and humble to all things of the spirit for if you are obedient, submissive and trusting of the spirit, you too can find everlasting happiness, weather is with an eternal companion or not. Blessings are truly infinite and diverse, usually unpredictable and unique in their very individual way. These two a great example of that.

Now, I am not trying to say that if you go to the temple one day, that you will find your eternal companion or that maybe some one you serve around with will be the one to make you the most happy. What I am saying is that besides the wonderful experience “Matt and Annie” had, Annie had to work to overcome her weaknesses. She knew who she was and what she stood for, therefore she sought for better understanding as to why she was feeling the why she was feeling the way she was, and it was not until the trials of her faith and much prayer that she recognized what was happening. She easily could have said, “I don’t like him as a person, he is such and such, but no, she knew she had to change and clean her inner vessel before she moved forward, even when the feelings came back again. As to her marring Matt, that, I think was just the reward for both of them.

I will leave you with a question as I sometimes do.

What are you doing now to overcome your weaknesses one by one?


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