A Nation for Us All

As the nation celebrated the Fourth of July almost a month ago I could not help and reminisce on the day my family and I arrive at M.I.A. Feeling the joy of accomplishment, we as a small, poor family could help but also feel gratitude for the blessing which we were about to embark. Anything was possible now, I thought as I looked at the glowing faces of my five siblings.

With an optimistic heart, eager to intake all the wonders this country had, I asked my father to take me to the closes karate classes in town and then have a great American feast! Domino’s Pizza! At 8 years of age, coming from a country where, well, not all dreams come true for a little boy, pizza, becoming a high-class fighter, Cartoon Network and bologna sandwiches was pretty trilling for me. However what The Lord had for me and the rest of the family was nothing more than spiritual and temporal blessings which laid ahead.

Six months later upon our arrival to Miami, we located the grounds for our church and quickly began to attend. This was an amazing discovery since many of the places we live before did not have a church congregation near by. Here, we made life long friends, developed new skills, becoming the stepping stone for what it is now my testimony of the gospel.

Although we became accustom to a new country, new food, new culture and new friends, the one thing that held us close was the church and the gospel. Comfort could be found in the gospel then, just as it can now. Which takes me to my next topic of “A nation for us all.”

America is and always will be a melting pot for the world. As it is a new world, it was found in the believe that we can practice religion freely without any government, militia or dictation to tell those who fled from religion persecution how to practice their faith. But we sometimes forget that that’s why pilgrims came here, freedom of religion (argue all you want, but that’s why.). Then again we forget and are improperly taught the very basics of the beginning of this great nation.

Th truth is that t the way we are going it seems that thing will not get better, in fact they are getting worse by the hour and nobody seems to care, not many seem to act upon the very needs that can upgrade this nation. God has not forgotten but we have, is not our slogan or motto, “In God we trust”? Is this not the country that god Choose to restore his one and only true and living church? Do you really think this country was started by founders that were not led by God? The very existence and purpose of this nation was for the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and freedom of religion.

People seem to be forgetting God the Father and His son Jesus Christ because unfortunately that very nation that people cared so much about and talk highly for, has forgotten and abandoned the very exact thing that made this nation Amazing and that is, faith in, and believe on, Jesus Christ.

How is that a nation who was once driven by the moral of family is now dangling with the idea of same-sex marriage? A nation who focused on diligent work and higher education is now sitting at home getting free money for the government and school tuition paid? A nation that was built on religious morals is now being over run by drugs, pornography, and any other worldly thing one could think off. One may ask if I am being a bit judgmental, but am I? Are this thing not actually happening? People seem to get defensive and begging to throw the word “Human rights” as if they understood the meaning; they don’t want to realized the deep hole we are in. That’s the only reason why for the past 6 years we have had Twinkies for a president.

(I dislike writing about politics and topics as such, there are much better things to talk about but since there needs to be more of a word of warning, I’ll tag along with the righteous.)

Thinking back about my young innocent state of mind and the image I had for this country has become a bit difficult and it has been overwritten by a darker further. My hopeful and ambitious childhood ways are still with God but not so much for the country in which once I had ample imagination of wonder and aw. So I must ask questions and set aside my vision of what this nation was at once point and what billions of foreigners use to see us as. Before I do that please understand that I do not mean to offer the U.S or it’s amazing people. I would not live anywhere else but here. My focus is directed towards the moral ways that the country is going.

Is it so wrong to believe in a nation build strongly on the morals of family? Maybe if it that was better implied in our government and in our schools, less teenage girls would get pregnant and teenage boy would be not be so perverted but if anything they would act in modesty, dignity and family values. This would decrees the percentage of kids being born under wedlock.

According to Roger Clegg who is president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity; most people who are born out-of-wedlock are those who have those who struggle with crime, economically, educationally and much more. The parent/ teenager who has not been taught properly does the damage and their children have to pay for it. I would say it is because the broke a commandment but no one would understand that for now. The worse part about this is the 40.7 percent of all births were out-of-wedlock, this are horrifying figures if nearly most of these people end up like the latter. Now tell me if keeping commandments have nothing to do with. Christ is in everything even when you don’t follow him, your disobedience proves his ways to be right. This subject matter is very sensitive but it is the child that suffers here. We MUST teach family values before along with human rights or even before it. I truly believe if the morals and principles of families and proper living were taught, human right would be less of a subject matter but because this is not the case “human rights” falls short of human responsibilities, let alone human behavior.

We don’t realize the mammoth damage we cause when we say “He/ She” is an adult let them do what ever they want or we can but in our teens life, they have to make their own decisions in order to lead. This for me is careless is careless parenting and careless human behavior. With that said there will be individuals who unfortunately will have to learn the hard way, I mourn for them. I have seen the first example happen so many times with friend, people I taught in my mission and even, family. we must do all we can do to stop this our children and adult friends from making this sort of decisions and help them have a more family center mind-set. It will be difficult but possible and you will not only help them be better but also society in itself.

Why are drugs being legalized in this country? Surely the demand must be great if it went to that extent. But in a country that tries to focus now on healthy living and where companies are being sued because of their unhealthy menu makes no sense. Are we that hypocritical?

How come same-sex marriage is being legalized? What ever happen to a father and a mother? Don’t they realized that they came from a man and a woman. This is not only an abomination but also a paradox in every way shape and form. It is not human rights at all to make this law legal and this has never been about human rights but rather, human lust and greed. How is it okay to implement a God-given law to provide a Satan driven action? How can anyone make sense of this?

Sad to say, that as the future gets closer, we are going backwards. Why can we be morally clean, responsible, hard-working, kind, loving, respectful, self giving, Christlike? Or has Satan really gotten that much hold of you that you can’t see yourself being that good of a human? Well you can, every single one of us has been created in His image and since we are all sons and daughter of God, we are all capable of great things, even wonderful things.

This country was built for growth not waste, govern and crafted by God so we can all be blessed. A nomad country, it does not belong to any one group or sect, but to all. Made so that we could meet and know Christ and his ever lasting Gospel. The freedom of my religion will never be taken away, I would die first. Too much as been given up and fought for and it will continue to be so, for in this purpose this nation was build and until that time of his coming it will continue to be regardless of the apostasy that occurs. This nation is free and in God we should continue to trust, for surely this is a nation to all.

I don’t only speak about the nation as a whole, but the more steps we make to be people with morals the better lives our upcoming generation will live. I think is time to stop being selfish and really thinks how as a nation we are effecting our future and the future of our families. I am not sure how the future will turn out but as for now i can only be hopeful and covenant keeping for at the end we are all here to learn, so learn and teach we must.


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