Story of unfortunate disobedience

Book of  Mormon tree of life

Though many things can be said about this great principle and about Him who is the greatest leader and example of obedience, which is Christ The Lord; I will elaborate on the topic by the reflections of a man and his lack of being obedient to the spirit. The story is fiction, but, nonetheless is, meaningful and Intel’s the love of the savior for us all.

The first part is a rhymes/ poem and the second is more literary. Please read and share.


In a land that was far lived an old man in his car. He was weak, he was thin and this match his gloomy and dreary grin. He had lived a long life, long years and much strife. There where ups, there downs, many things made him frown, but it was not his sad life, it was the lost of… His wife. She didn’t die, she didn’t leave but the damage was done and separation did come. He paid his dues, he paid his fees, oh poor stubborn man and his “un-bendable knees”.

She choose The Lord, she choose the Christ who did more for her than that man who didn’t think of her twice.

Now here he was, old, cold and bitter, but what else can you expect of a man, who walks away from his wife, while they were both having dinner. He was successful in his pursuits then lost all his fortune but that’s what  liquor does, it creates an abduction. Oh, how he wished his life had turned out, so much warmer and sweeter. The meal was great, he would say, “why did I ever walked out on dinner that day?”

But in this land far away, the rain began to drop as the old bitter man sat in his old dirty rot. This was his only possession, all he had left, except for the broken heart he obtain on the night that he fled. He was parked in the pier as the thunder danced on, but the man had no fear, since his life was so broken and gone.

He then heard some noises and tires that screeched, but It was a beacon of light that his bumper did hit. His knees where old, pale and weak, he wished he cloud pray, beg, even plead. His life was now hanging, but didn’t rushed by, for all which he had,  was darkness in sight . Now more than ever he wished he could lift, as all his possession fell down from the cliff.

The water rushed in, he filling within, but what else could he do, the time was for him. It was dark, it was gloomy but a few seconds later, light came with fury.

The man heard a voice who told him to kneel, only to then ask him, son, how did it feel? The man then looked up and it was the savior, but then he looked down, for it was the savior. He cried and he wept as the savior did bless. That wonderful love that only God knows of best.

The man questioned and questioned but the savior just listen. He patiently smile as the man just expressed, for the man truly knew the savior would answer the rest. But as the savior got up he said, now son, look here and listen.


Life was always about you getting close to me and my father, your father in Heaven. As you choose your path and made your decision, my plans where always intact. You said I was never there but you and I both know that you stop believing in good things when your mother passed away. I was there and so was my spirit. My spirit prompted you so many times. You know what I am talking about William. Oh William, you have felt my spirit too many time, all humans have. Need a reminder?

You mean to tell me that you don’t remember when I prompted you, when you were fourteen, while you where at Amy’s house in that dark room. I told your and her to leave. She felt my spirit as well and that’s when she pushed you away. You felt my prompting and that’s when you backed away. Now you remember? But do you also remember on how you disobeyed and continue until you both gave in and committed the sin? How you two broke my heart…

After ten days you stopped talking to her. You took her virtue and you didn’t care. She felt so ashamed, that she distanced herself from her friends, family and her sisters. This led her to run away and you knew, you knew and did nothing about it. You even bragged to your friends of what you had done and all the while, Amy was homeless and heart-broken, all because you ignored me. She slept in the streets. She did drugs and many unholy things, surely, she was lost and depressed.

Since you did not step up to help, I waited for two of my soldiers to grow up and be raised by good parents, the kind I gave you. One by a mother and another by his father. They were both obedient and both faithful. They were both 19, humble and strong. They met Amy, then 20 she was pale, heavy eyes and needle marks, indicating her drug usage.

All this because you did not listen. Yes, it was her fault too but she pushed you away, while you kept on deceiving. But here she was, in front of my two Elders. They came just at the perfect time, little did they know she was about to commit suicide.

One of my Elder spoke strongly, he asked her if she had any children? She said no. He then asked her if she did had children would she loved them even though they made a mistake. She quickly replied, “yes.” That’s when the other elder replied,

“we are all God’s children and he forgives our mistakes because he loves us and understands our short comings. He forgives because he loves us but we need to recognized those mistakes and repent. we change.”

She began to cry and continue to listen, three weeks later she got baptized, promising me that she would follow me. She did and year after that, she too became a Missionary. She is 65 and has a wonderful husband who she met right after her Mission, George. She ended up having 7 kids, 29 grand kids and 2 great grand kids. She never looked back. She always obeyed the promptings of the spirit after that day she met my elders. She is a pure beautiful soul.

You too had the chance to meet some of my missionaries, but you were always too jealous when they dropped by to visit your dear Emily. You were always so prideful, why William? Why didn’t you ever listen? I know, I know it all changed when your mother passed away. But you could have come to me…

You chose to rebel, you rebelled on me, your dad and everyone that try to get close to you. This only made matters worse. You always felt my promptings but never followed through, you would even stop, think and re-think before you made a decision but unfortunately, you just did what you wanted.

I would say there was one time when you listen. I will help you remember. It was your Fathers 45th birthday. He had asked for you to spend that Friday night with him but instead you chose to go out with your friends to a college party, you were only 16. You knew what kind of party that was and so did your dad. Since you chose to argue with him, he let you go. You remember the last thing he said to you that night,

“don’t embarrass us son and make us happy, I love you Willy.”

In the mean time, a father and two of his boys were enjoying their “boys night out.” They had fun. They were obedient boys. Their father had many great plans for them.

The first thing you saw in the party was alcohol. Do you remember the felling you had? You almost threw up because I prompted you so much not to drink. You could not explain the feeling so you told your friends that it felt wrong and you felt sick. As you walked out, you whispered,” I will never drink Alcohol.” How ironic, your life was shattered because of it.

After, you drove around for a while you decided that it was time for you to go home because it was going to be 11. You were always so obedient to your curfew, but we both know it was because it made your dad less suspicious of the bad you could have done.  No matter when you went home, you always took the same path. You did not know this, but at the same exact time you arrive at the cross roads of Saint and Ensign Street, the two boys and their father came to a stop as well.

You see, William, if you would have drunken the venom that night, you still would have left in time for your curfew, but the only difference would have been that you, the two boys and their only parent would have been killed. But it was one of those boys in which you didn’t kill, that found Amy a few years later and he, along with his companion changed her life. It was his brother’s son who many years later, knocked on your door and preached my Gospel to your Emily, your dear wife.

You have made many mistakes William and we will talk about those mistakes, another time. I know you remembered the night you walked out on Emily. Why son? You loved her so much, she changed you and made you better. I brought her to you for this purpose, but instead you left her, and your left her pregnant, but don’t worry, I took care of your faithful son. You were a Grandfather of six by the way.

You never believed in me, but the truth is son, I always believed in you; that’s why I always sent my spirit to help you and guide you and keep you save. But you disobeyed, you did not want to listen, you lost everything you had. Thirty years have passed and Emily still loves you, she knows why you left, she knows that it was because your life was going so perfect that the thought of getting Baptized and making your life even better, scared you; it scared you because you did not want to fail. Like always child, you let your stubbornness get in the way of your happiness.

I am going to give you one more chance to overcome your weaknesses.

What do you have to say about this William?

“My savior, my God, forgive me. I will follow you forever and obeyed every prompting I received, bless you as you have blessed me!”

Very well then child, see you soon.


Now can you see that obedience must be? As Willy did live, he chose to rise from baptism, here was the man who never knew wisdom. He followed the counsel from him who did saved him, Eternally indebted to that man he called savior. He stayed true to his word and left all his vice; when promptings did come he didn’t think them twice.

He went to his wife and tried to revive, a friendship long-lost and love to unite.  Life was a hurdle for Willy and Emily, but they are now happy together with family. William was grateful for the love and the favor, only such things could be done by the Savior…

Though this story is fiction we all can related to Willy in some way or another. we are all imperfect, we have all disobeyed promptings from the spirit of the lord and we are all in need to be forgiven and to forgive.

Elder Holland said: “There is help and happiness ahead, some blessing come soon, some come late and some don’t come until heaven, but to those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come… It will be alright in the end, trust god and believe in good things to come.”

Every prompting that we obey from the spirit will get us closer to Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Promptings from the spirit are truly an open stepping stone for life Eternal. In many occasions I have chosen to not obey and it has brought great deal of guilt, shame and of course, Godly sorrow. Although we are not perfect, we can still have perfect guidance from the spirit, to teach us Gospel truth and the things which really matter most.

Stop and think how YOU  (the reader) have been following those promptings from the spirit. How have they helped you shape your life? How would your life be without it? Think of a time where the spirit prompted you to help others. Would you not want others to have those same spirited blessings that you have?

I will leave you with one last thought. Since OBEDIENCE if the first law in Heaven, think about how important, that same law, can be for you in an imperfect world.


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