Modern Day Angels

When we hear the word “Angel” we are brought to idea or memory that an angel has big wings, a halo and the shape of a glowing human with a white robe. You might simply be drawn back to that annoying kid in fifth grade who knew all the math questions and kissed up to the teacher. Or you might just insert the word “Angel” when referring to your parents, children, husband, wife and sadly your cat! (Yes, sadly… Allergic!)

Growing up, the only knowledge I had of angels where not those with Halo’s, wings or white robes; rather, the knowledge I had of an angle was about 130 pounds and a 5 ft stretch.

The angel protected me, taught me, made me laugh, fed me, cloth me, nurture me, the angel did all those things because that angel was my mother.

Not to take anything away from my father, for he too was and is my modern-day angel.


All good Mothers give a unique nurturing essence and comfort of protection that cannot be compared to anything else in this life. In my home, my father was always the main bread maker but this not stop my mother from doing the things she love the most. Most of those things came by her great desire to work. At any given to my mother had about four jobs and as holidays drew near she would have about five jobs (all part-time) throughout the season.

Let’s see, she worked for the world-wide cosmetic phenomenon Avon (20+years), Nail technician, Nanny, House attendant and in the holidays she would make traditional Colombian and Venezuelan dishes to sell.

She was a hard worker and she still works except now she does what she really loves making amazing cakes. My Mother cakes can easily go of hundreds and thousands of dollars, but rather she will sell one about $100 to $150. She does not believe in overcharging she will say “is just eggs, sugar and flour”. That is a huge understatement from her part, but that the kind of good hear my mother has.

My mother did more than just give me birth, she taught me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she supported me is all my endeavors, she was there when I messed up and when I did good. She did not care what I looked like or what issues I had (or have) she loved me. She taught me about my family and ancestors, she taught how to respect others and be responsible. She taught me how to endure and love. My Mother never asks for anything in return except for all her children to love her back.

The truth is that for me, heaven, would not be heaven without my wife, parents and family, mainly because they are my angels. None of these angels would exist if it was not for the mother who gave them birth or to the mother that gave my wife birth.

As Mother’s Day is today, I say, love your mother, love her for her imperfection, love her for her sacrifice and for all that she does and does not do. Love her even when she embarrassed you in front of your friends and forgive her if she embarrassed you by giving you a kiss on the cheek right in front of the girl of your dreams when you were in 8th grade. Who cares, she kissed you and she did it because she’s loves you.

Remember to love your mother back and give her a break once in a while, she is not perfect but guess what, neither are you, simply, because you came from her, so, give yourself a break and love the woman who gave you birth!

Don’t waste your time not loving your mother because no matter where you go or move to, you will always be in her heart, even if you don’t believe that.
There is a great book written by Mitch Albom called “For one more Day”. In the book, an ex MLB player is found reconnecting with his dead mother after two fail attempt of suicide. As he spent’s a weir, surreal night with his dead mother, he is found with unique family secretes, he realize how horrible he was to his mother but yet how amazing she was to him and thought she was not perfect she did all that she could to have a stable home after his father left them. His mother had to get a second job to put him through college, feed him, cloth him all this for him and his sister. I believe that we can all related to things like that, you know when you rebelled against your parents. I believe that if there is one rule that a human would break no matter how hard they tried not to would be that of honoring or obeying their parents.

Women in general are amazing, they have the ability to create life in such a way that only proofs there is a God! Think about that for a seconds. We become fascinate by X-man and super heroes and all their powers but yet, we sort of take for granted the power, beauty and heroic act of a woman giving life to another soul, another being! That’s amazing! That’s your mother.

for every birthday my mother has made anything my bothers and sister wanted. For me is always the homemade Lasagna. She would make the sauce from scratch, cook the pasta, assemble the cheeses, the meats etc. Each layer she would do the same process because each layer was a layer of love!

She always had a needle and thread when ever my pants or shirt ripped. When she wanted to share a message about the gospel she would do it in a fascinating way as if it was the first time she heard about the message. she would have “wow hear this!” Type of attitude and she would teach me. Is easy to say that I have learned more from my mother now that I am away than when I was with her because before I did not care when she spoke but know all her comments and lessons come to mind when I am in need. None of her words and breath was in vain.

Everyday growing up, she would come our room and wish us a good night, everyday. I remember while I was younger and money was tight, my mother would sacrifice her monthly temple trip so that me or one of my brothers would go. She did all she could to make our lives as peaceful and happy as possible. Though she had many job her favorite one was being a mother.

I believe that all mothers around the world are a bit of an angelic force because without them, there would not be a beginning, and end, history, future you or I. Do you see the power of God behind this? Do you see why is so important for a man and a woman to be married? The heart of the home will always be the and wife, the mother.

May all mothers have a wonderful day today and everyday because when we wake up tomorrow morning, the woman who gave you birth will still be your mother. We ought to celebrate them everyday because as angel which they are, they celebrate each of us, their children. This is at least the case with my angel, my mother.

Happy Mothers Day!


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