Arguably, since the beginning of the earth, the worship of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ has roar in the ears and hearts of just about every human to have ever exist. Since then, much truth of the order of things have been lost due to puffed up men and their theories. Others may say is because of bubble gum popping movies or the delusions of sci-fi stories. But maybe is bad parenting or simply the popular trend of laziness. What ever the case may be, the truth of our creator will never go unheard.

Whether Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are known as the “great spirit, Muhammad, the creator, Jehovah, Christ, Him, the spirit, The Lord, the savior or the Father and any other name given to a higher being that is God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. The notion of something more powerful than us, the simple human, cannot be ignored.

The truth is that in one way or another we have all experienced and applied the power of God and his son Jesus Christ in our life. Regardless of such acceptance, his power governs all things human, creature from the earth or not, his power is infinite and eternal. This power is known as the Priesthood.

The Priesthood is the same power that was used to create the world. To give you a more familiar example about the Priesthood we need to acknowledge Him who is the greatest example of all, Jesus Christ. When the we read in the New Testament and in the Book of Mormon on how Christ healed people by giving sight to the blind and cause the lame to walk or how He blessed the sacrament with the Nephites and then gave authority to his apostle to do the same, it was priesthood power that made such things happened.

I say that we all have experience this power because it is by the priesthood power that we are all created. For those who do not believe in God or Christ I am sorry to tell you that your very experience with the priesthood is your own very existence.

I think is ironic that humans who don’t believe in Christ (let alone his power) are still willing to love life, nature, people, families and even the Earth; all the things which were brought up and created by that same power and person which they don’t believe in. Talk about contradiction!

In fact, I had a co-worker who did not believe in God or Christ because he felt that all religious groups were just businesses were leaders of its church would take people’s money; however, when a topic of outer space and aliens was brought up, do to the phenomenon topic of 2012 from idea that the world was going to end, he asked, “don’t you believe in aliens?” I told him that I believe what the scriptures say, that God has created worlds without end. He then expressed on how he was fascinated about aliens and the power they have to even communicate without speaking. I then stopped him and ask, “how is it that you desire all the things that god has created but yet you don’t believe in him? You don’t even give him credit for it. God communicates with us without him speaking. Did you know that?

“What? Really?”

“Yes, he does. He does it through prayer. You are so fascinated by the earth and worlds and such things, but really, you are fascinated by God, you just refuse the idea of him.”

“Through prayer, God talks to us in our mind without him speaking, but you simply don’t believe. And if you don’t believe in him is as if you should not believe in outer space or even life outside of it, for he created it.” He pause for a few seconds, did not say anything and then continue to work.

Sadly, these people who don’t believe really don’t desire to understand and after speaking to many of them and sharing feedback, I noticed they all share the same idea and that is of wanting proof of God’s and Christ’s existence. They want proof of their power. To this I say, look around you if you want to see proof of God and his son Jesus the Christ.

Rather than wasting time looking for obvious power, we need to relay in his power so that we can have the strength to overcome life’s trials. One may ask, ” if God loves so much why do we suffer or why do other suffer.” Put it this way, would you do all the homework and all the test for your kids in school, or would you guide them and teach them? I think the latter would always bring better results. The test of life will bring greater blessings at the end and if choose not to learn, expecting God or His son to intervene with every little aspect of our life, then what would be the point? We all need to be more self-reliant in choosing the master’s plan and apply all his teaching for when the storms and mighty wind and the shafts shall come and blow, we shall remain strong and not fall (See Helaman 5:12). We cannot endure if we don’t choose him and the power he has to offer.

For those who don’t believe, my heart breaks, but for those who believe and fully disobey or begin to contradict the laws and ways of God and Christ, my heart shatters.

The world is raging with the idea of equality. Undoubtedly, equality in many ways is great but do we really want to be treat equally? Think about it, so far the equality that everyone rages about cannot exist because in many ways it contradict the nature of God. Do you really want equality?

I have heard some extreme things in which I can make up an outrageous comparison and I would not be to far from their ignorant point of view. For example some “equality request” sound as if they were asking “Don’t you want to be equally charge with a murders sentence?” “Don’t you really want all men and all women to have the same responsibilities? To give birth, work, pay the bills and take care of every other task?” Do you really want to treat adults like kids or vise versa or men treated like women and vise versa?

Yes, my comparison is extreme but, when people become activist on certain topics such as in this case, women trying to have the priesthood, my extreme comparison deams down. God create all men and women equal in the sense where we should not discriminate, abuse, be racist, think we are greater than others. In a marriage, this means that each responsibility we have as husband and wife ought to be for the growth of the family and each other, it is not for one to have dominion over the other.

God did not mean, that we are all equal in gender, in race, in feelings or even in love. If so, it would mean that God has not or cannot create but one type of human. Because God’s creating ability is infinite, we can all have the privilege to be unique and different. Nonetheless, there are two kinds of gender each having a different perspectives, responsibilities and purpose there for we should act as such, especially if you have made covenants with God.

Women cannot have the priesthood, God himself would have to approve of such thing, questioning the notion is questioning God. unfortunately there are things which are out of the control of the church such as legalizing same-sex marriage and illegal drugs, even though such calamities are prophesied; but as long as the Church Stands, so will its laws and prophets and we know that will not fall until the coming. When God speaks we listen and put a period at the end of the statement or command, we do not put a question mark next to it.

So back to the question, do you really want equality or do you want righteous judgement, true mercy, having all things is place and where they belong according to Gods order? I prefer Gods way. You see, the funny thing is that people want that proof of God I was talking about and they want guidance, justice, miracles, even ways to live life, but yet they are not willing to open a book and read, study, ponder and pray on Gods words. Talk about contradiction again.

True equality does mean all things supporting each other in order to create a better, even a perfect sphere of life. The equality that many of us want does not bring order and does not bring happiness for all, but rather, is the selfishness of some who want all to accept their cause and if that does not happen then that individual is accused to the lack of agreement and then they are brought to shame if they don’t follow.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many great causes that are worth fighting for as long as they do not contradict God, his laws and the life of many. A child needs a mother and a father both a woman and a man and if we all would do the will of the Father, then in that home were a mother and father reside with their kids, that mother would be nurturing and that father would provide to the family with the necessities of life and even the priesthood.

I know some women who do live such life’s as being the father and the mother (my mother in law was one of them) and all of them wish there was a male figure to take some of the load from them. Therefore the need of a father and mother in a home is key. Although there are many factors that prevent such a wonderful thing; we as citizens of the Earth should not take away from that because of our own desires and pleasure.

Now what does these factors have to do with God,Christ and the priesthood? Well, everything, mainly because god created us all equal but equal in that organized, supporting way I mention. Everything revolves around Christ and the priesthood. It is his order and it is his way.

In an active LDS home, where a male father or husband and a female mother or wife live, the understanding of equality is vital. We support each other, whether is taking care of the kids, working, cooking, cleaning etc. No matter which way you see it, we support each other even when some of us sometimes disagrees or have different task and responsibility we support each other.

Undoubtedly, the female gives birth and the nurturing power of such thing cannot and will never be replaced by the father. That his her role, to give life. Something that a man was not meant to do and something that a man cannot do. They also take care of the home because that nurturing responsibility even though she might be the one bringing the income at the moment. The nurturing power of a mother should not be taken away from that child. So, what does the active LDS man do that is different from the women?

Even though it is suggested that the women become the stay at home mother and the husband works and provides it is not the law. Many women do work and have many other responsibility beside taking care of the children which should be the main priority. In the other hand the Male should provide financially, protection and as the women give life, righteous men provide the priesthood.

The priesthood holder blesses the family and are the leading patriarchs of their home. The priesthood is needed for eternal life but a man cannot enter such kingdom without the woman. They are both vital and equally important for the kingdom of God. Don’t you get that? What will God do if only had beings who all gave birth and there were no priesthood? What will God do with just priesthood holders and not women to grow the kingdom? Equality is a support system not a way of living to be the exact replica of others, science calls this cloning.

Women cannot have the priesthood. The same way that Christ cannot give birth (he can create life, and bring others to life, but he cannot give birth) is the same way that Women cannot have the priesthood. The power comes from Christ and God, both being male with the purpose to help and bless their families (us) and their homes not to mention the many other responsibilities that the male has outside of the home like blessing and passing the sacrament, being the most important ordinance we could do in our week. They also have the responsibilities to lead the church for those who are leaders.

With the priesthood, men can bless and pass the sacrament, Baptize, pronounce the gift of the Holy Ghost, blessing of comfort and health, patriarchal blessings, temple work and apostleship. God is perfect and so is his organized church and purpose in the priesthood.

God is a God of order, all things are perfect in him. He does not bow down before men or women. For those who contradict our believes, please just listen. For those who are LDS and contradict some believes, please repent, learn more, pray for the spirit to guide you and give you understanding. Believe in the power of the priesthood that is does bless, it does cleanses, it does heal for I have seen it my self.

Truly, there is no argument, God is the father of all, Christ is the savior of all and leads this world. Follow and obey priesthood power, because it is by that same power that you were created so don’t desire to change it or its order for its order was stablished by Christ; therefore believe Christ and believe in his power for he is the great spirit, The Christ, the ever lasting Father, the prince of peace and his order, his power was brought to us for us since the beginning of the world and even before, for he his the Christ, the savior of the world.



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